Food for thought: Olivia Pineau shares her experiences studying a Master of Global Food and Agricultural Business

Olivia Pineau

Food sustainability. Biosecurity. Water theft. These are the pressing global issues which led University of Adelaide student Olivia Pineau, to pursue her passion and undertake a Master’s degree in Global Food and Agricultural Business.

“I have always had a passion for food, production systems and the global impact that we have on the environment. I wanted to put my passion into practice by focusing on policy that could change the future of food, aid in the sustainability of the industry and focus on improving the lives of producers.”

With the University of Adelaide offering one of the only programs in the country specialising in global food, Olivia felt the degree was the perfect fit for her interests and needs.

As a former government employee from Canada, Olivia did not have a background in agriculture or science, but found that the Master’s program allowed her to learn the essentials while building on her knowledge of public policy. Olivia says of the program,

This degree was almost like 5 in one. I was able to learn about such a wide variety of industries, sectors, and ideas from economics to marketing, to international business and beyond. I had world-class lecturers, hands on experience, immersive opportunities and the full support of the Centre to explore any topic I could think of.Olivia Pineau

Throughout her degree, Olivia has been enabled to understand a wide range of complex issues and been given the tools and knowledge to address them with confidence. One of the most enjoyable courses Olivia studied as part of her degree was Water Management,

 “It opened my eyes not only to a massive industry wide concern, but the ways in which creativity and innovation can change policies and truly impact people’s lives.”  

As part of her degree, Olivia was given the opportunity to complete an internship with Primary Industries and Regions in SA. Olivia was able to combine her personal experiences and coursework, and apply them to a real-world scenario, assisting with policy files and bio security as part of her role.

“It revealed areas of interest that I had not previously explored and allowed me the chance to expand my professional network in Adelaide.”

Olivia was most impressed with the practical opportunities presented to her as part of her Master’s degree and how they would prepare her for a career in the industry.

“Throughout my degree, I have been given endless opportunities to explore the agricultural sector, the intersection with policy and private enterprise, how to understand complex systems and the issues they present.”

Not far from completing her studies, Olivia plans on staying in Adelaide and working in the thriving agricultural sector. Amazed by the growing opportunities and new innovations coming out of the sector, Olivia is excited by the road ahead.

“I hope to be able to contribute the industry while also expanding my understanding of the day to day challenges producers are facing and ways to address them sustainably.”

Olivia combined her love of policy and systems with her passion for the food industry and turned it into a career path. If you’re interested in exploring a career in agriculture too, speak to one of our team today to find the perfect Agribusiness program for your career aspirations. 

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