CPA and CA ANZ partnerships provide a path for lifelong learning

For some professions, accreditation is everything, dictating which jobs you are eligible for, what further studies you can engage in and which circles you network with.

This is especially true for current and aspiring accountants for whom industry requirements state they must be accredited by an international professional body in order to practice.

The Adelaide Business School believes in supporting their students through industry connections and accredited coursework, partnering with the two peak industry bodies for accounting, Chartered Accountants ANZ (CA ANZ) and Certified Practising Accountants (CPA).

The role of CA ANZ and CPA is to provide an internationally recognised (and industry required) accounting qualification which will ensure that your skills and knowledge are of the highest possible standard. These industries bodies provide ongoing support for their members through professional development, workshops and networking events. Plus, accreditation as a CA or CPA is a pre-requisite for most accounting roles both here in Australia and abroad.

Becoming involved with these professional organisations doesn’t start after graduation, it starts from the moment you enrol in one of our professionally accredited accounting programs. By engaging in coursework guided by the practises and principles of these bodies, you are actively working towards a professional membership for your chosen body, and upon graduation, will have satisfied the membership requirements for entry into their programs.  

What’s more, the Adelaide Business School actively partners with CA ANZ and CPA to provide professional development and networking opportunities throughout the course of your degree. Delivered by the crew at the Professions Support Hub, you’ll gain access to industry insights and career resources, and participate in industry site visits, mentoring programs, and professional networking events.

Through partnering with CA ANZ and CPA, the Adelaide Business School ensures you are career ready, professionally accredited and primed to make the most out of your accounting career.

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