Business Analytics

Business Analytics is one of the fastest growing career pathways in the world.

Knowledge is power, but is power really knowledge if decisions aren’t evidence-based?

The 21st century of business operates in a new environment, where the ability to tap into the flow of information created every time we post on social media, travel and purchase items, can be used to gain a competitive edge and drive productivity. This abundance of data has led to high demand for business analysts who understand business data and the know-how to use and interpret it.

Business Analytics

Why study Business Analytics with us?

The Adelaide Business School offers a suite of programs which equip students with the latest cutting-edge business analytics tools that employers are looking for. Our flagship Master of Business Analytics program provides comprehensive coverage in using the most popular software and coding packages utilised by industry (including STATA, SAS and R) and a thorough foundation in business studies so you can understand and interpret the data you analyse for business.

Our programs

The Adelaide Business School offers a range of quality programs that are designed to go beyond the functional teaching of other business degrees.

What will I study?

Through the available electives, you also have the choice to shape the Master of Business Analytics at The University of Adelaide to your career aspirations. You may choose to design your degree to be more focused on computing and coding aspects. Or, you may wish to gain more knowledge of statistics and how they are used in business fields. Alternatively, you may choose from a wide range of business courses, including Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, so you understand and speak the language of Business. 

The Master of Business Analytics at The University of Adelaide program also includes a capstone course where you have the opportunity to work on a real business case and experience working with start-up companies. Taking advantage of the Adelaide Business School’s ThincLab, we link students with suitable business partners to apply their business analytics skills to solve real-world problems.

Career opportunities

Demand for business data specialists, across the globe, with the capability to generate data-driven business solutions is soaring. According to the 2020 Future of Jobs report, produced by the World Economic Forum, demand for Data Analytics and Big Data Specialists has grown significantly. Of the Australian companies surveyed in the report, over 90% plan to invest in new technologies for Data Analytics. Now is the time to study a Master of Business Analytics.

Given this acceleration in demand for data specialists, job opportunities within the business analytics domain can be found across government, business and not-for-profit organisations. There is not a single industry, from entertainment, to mining, to consumer products, where business analytics does not provide a competitive advantage for companies.

      Some example job titles include:

      • Business planning executive 
      • Consumer analyst 
      • Data insights analyst 
      • Data scientist 
      • Data visualisation analyst 
      • Financial analyst 
      • Human resources analyst 
      • Information technology analyst 
      • Management consultant 
      • Marketing analyst 
      • Public service adviser

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