MBA (International)

Build the foundations for a rewarding managerial career and lead the industries of tomorrow.

While MBAs traditionally focus on building a wide range of general management knowledge, recent graduates starting their careers often find they benefit from a specialised skillset in a particular industry or profession. Tailoring your MBA with a specialisation offers you the potential to become a leader in a number of high demand areas. 

Who is this program for?

Expanding beyond the general management skills necessary to succeed within a rapidly changing world, our range of specialist MBA programs provide students with the opportunity to specialise in a particular area, further enabling them to accelerate their journey into leadership.

The MBA (International) offers students an opportunity to gain increased knowledge of the Australian business landscape, supporting them in excelling in their future career both win Australia, and globally, upon graduation.

By combining the benefits of a generalist degree with a specialisation, graduates will be well prepared for a rapid progression from entry into the workforce to a managerial position.


  • Entrepreneurship

    Well-honed entrepreneurial skills are critical for all professionals in today’s volatile global workplace. But those who aspire to lead must take them to an entirely different level. The ability to systematically inspire and drive an organisation-wide culture of innovation will give you and your enterprise a near future-proof competitive advantage.

  • Marketing

    The faster the world moves, the more critical marketing becomes. Mastery of the discipline enables business leaders to drive growth by ensuring the greatest strengths of their products and services are communicated compellingly and with strategic precision: at the right time, to the right audience, through the right channels.

  • Wine Business

    Wine is that rarest of commodities: a pleasurable indulgence so loved that countless people around the world consider it a near essential part of life. It’s also very big business; by 2028, it’s estimated the global wine market will be worth over US$ 456 billion*. Wineries and other organisations wishing to grow their share of that market seek business leaders with deep and broad insight into the industry’s unique characteristics. 


  • Project Management

    Technological disruption is changing organisations’ plans worldwide. But this key management requirement remains: organisations will always depend on leaders who can capably manage the large-scale initiatives they undertake to adapt and grow. The ability to efficiently and effectively lead major commercial projects will give you and your enterprise a vital career and market advantage.

  • International Trade and Development

    International trade and development is the glue that binds humanity into a single, powerful engine of progress. It has the potential to generate widespread prosperity, raise global living standards, strengthen societies, and build strong, respectful cross-border relationships. Leaders who master its complexities will enjoy a wealth of career opportunities throughout the world.

How to apply

Domestic candidates are required to submit their applications through SATAC. 

International applicants can apply through an agent, or without an agent through StudyLink .

How to apply  

After you have accepted your offer and its time to enrol, you can follow the relevant study plan to enrol in your chosen MBA specialisation. 

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