In a fast-changing business world, our suite of specialist Business programs will help prepare you for dynamic and unique challenges throughout your future career.

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Your Adelaide Business School experience stretches far beyond the classroom, through our range of industry connections, global opportunities, student clubs and facilities.

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Anabella Irene

Anabella Irene, Graduate

"I had chosen to do both the Accounting and Corporate Finance specialisations in the Bachelor of Commerce. I appreciate how the degree allows flexibility where students can select which area of business they are most passionate about. For me, I have enjoyed my accounting subject in high school, and I saw an accounting degree to be prestigious and applicable in many industries. In the first semester, and first year of my degree, I really enjoyed intermediate financial institutions and markets, which is one of my electives, which then motivated me to do another specialisation in Corporate Finance." - Anabella Irene, Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Corporate Finance) graduate

How to study business

With a range of programs and options to choose from, there is limitless potential to excel in your area of interest.

We have developed these degrees with the future in mind; when artificial intelligence has integrated into more systems and businesses than ever before, we want you to be ready with the skills you will need to not only navigate this unparalleled environment, but succeed beyond expectation.

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The University has a number of scholarships available to both domestic and international students who meet our entry requirements.

  • Minors

    The Adelaide Business School offers a range of quality programs that are designed to go beyond the functional teaching of other business degrees. Within each program, in addition to its main study area you may also choose to undertake at least one minor study area to broaden your depth of knowledge, complement your area of specialisation, and add diversity of skills to your resume.

    • Business management
    • Corporate finance
    • Creativity and critical thinking
    • Economics
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Financial services
    • International business
    • Management consulting
    • Marketing
    • Marketing in South Australia
    • Organisational cybersecurity
    • Project management
    • Public administration
    • Small and family business management
  • Study components

    Our courses are designed to provide you with an integral understanding of work environments, stakeholder engagement, and build the confidence to navigate the business landscape. An entrepreneurial mindset can also become a solid advantage in your career, so we ensure it is developed in sync with these crucial business skills.

    During your study, you can partake in one of the following:


    The Australian eChallenge program offers you real world experience in becoming an entrepreneur. Progress through the tasks of conceiving an idea for a product, forming a team, collecting user feedback, describing your idea to the public, and presenting your progress to a panel of expert investors and judges.

    Industry project

    Gain an informed perspective on your future profession - base a research project on your observations of the day-to-day operations of an organisation, with guidance from a workplace and academic supervisor.

    Study abroad

    Studying abroad allows you to expand your knowledge, develop international networks, discover new places and improve your career prospects. Immersion in a new culture also brings about personal development which is highly regarded by employers.


    An internship provides you with the opportunity to experience a hands-on business environment in which to observe and apply the knowledge and skills from your degree. Projects may include a marketing plan, assistance with accounting or financial reporting, HR and organisational development plans or activities, social and economic development plans, research, business development, customer relations, events management and market entry strategies, or any other negotiated project.

  • Double degrees

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