Higher Degrees By Research

The Adelaide Business School offers research degrees at both the masters and doctorate levels: the Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and the Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD). 

Our programs are benchmarked with other Go8 universities, and our international collaborations in research introduce broader issues (UNESCO and OECD reports, TIMSS and PISA studies) into our theory and practice of education.

If you are interested in accounting, finance and banking, management, marketing and entrepreneurship then consider furthering your research career with us.

Scholarships opportunities are available for domestic and international applicants. For more information, please visit the Adelaide Graduate Centre.

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Janin Hetzen

Janin Hetzen, Master of Philosophy Student

"I came across a scholarship opportunity at the University of Adelaide, I knew I had to apply. The fact that I am writing this here shows that I did get rewarded for 'going for it'. So the scholarship was the first and probably most important reason as to why I chose to study at the University of Adelaide. The second and also very important reason was that I found great supervisors, who shared my research vision and excitement. I get along really well with my supervisors, they support me in my decisions and guided me. Lastly, the University of Adelaide is one of the top 8 universities in Australia." - Janin Hetzen, Master of Philosophy (Marketing) focused on mobile apps and getting young Australians more engaged with their Superannuation.