Increase your employability with an Honours degree.

As the first institution to offer business education in 1902, the Adelaide Business School has a proud history of delivering world-class courses, producing successful business leaders ready to make an impact in the world.

By adding an Honours degree to your business studies, you will join a world-renowned community of leaders and researchers, expanding your professional networks and potential career opportunities.

What is Honours?

Honours is a year-long intensive program allowing you to focus on an area of expertise through advanced coursework and extensive research, after completing your Bachelor’s degree. 

Recognised as a prestigious qualification, by undertaking Honours you open up a new world of opportunity to pursue further knowledge within a discipline you are passionate about while being guided by an academic mentor who will encourage growth and provide support on your journey.  

Why study Honours?

An honours degree prepares business graduates for multiple pathways within academia and in the professional world.

For those who are interested in academic pursuits, Honours is a pathway to further postgraduate studies such as a PhD or Masters. It allows you to network with a wide range of high performing researchers and academics, working as a colleague alongside them. 

An Honours degree can provide you with a competitive advantage in your career, which is vitally important in crowded market. Graduates are equipped with highly transferable skills in critical thinking, research design and project management, increasing their employability and enabling them to thrive in challenging business environments. 

  • What Honours are available?

    The Adelaide Business School has 2 Honours programs available:

    Students enrolled in the Honours Degree Bachelor of Commerce are able to specialise in either Accounting, Corporate Finance, International Business (Entrepreneurship), Management or Marketing.

  • Fees and scholarships

    Fees vary based on the Honours program you are enrolled in. Students are able to pay for their Honours program through Fee-Help. There are also School specific scholarships on offer:

    As well as a broader range of scholarships which can be found on the University Scholarship webpage.

  • How to apply

    Honours is a selective and competitive process. There is currently one intake per year (Semester 1) and students are encouraged to submit an application by November the year prior.  

    If you are interested, please submit an expression of interest form or contact the below Honours Coordinators to start a conversation about Honours and whether it is a challenge that you would like to pursue.

  • Honours expression of interest

    Get ahead with an Honours degree

    Students interested in undertaking an Honours year within the Adelaide Business School can send through an expression of interest below. 

    Please attach the following documents to assist in your application:

    • A copy of your official transcript
    • A two page thesis proposal summary
    • A copy of your current CV
    • Details of prospective supervisors if contact has already been made

    Unlimited number of files can be uploaded to this field.
    20 MB limit.
    Allowed types: jpg png pdf doc docx ppt pptx xls xlsx.

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