The critical research capability in Management lies in the following areas: project management, systems and human aspects of cyber security. All of these areas interact with each other and the ultimate objective is to deliver socioeconomic impact.

Project management is a cross-disciplinary area that is vital for organisations wanting to achieve their objectives. Traditionally, project management has played an important role in defence, aerospace, construction and engineering. Increasingly project management is being applied in areas such as IT, banking and finance, disaster relief recovery, climate change, telecommunications and mining. Governments use project management to achieve their objectives. Innovation and entrepreneurship uses project management to deliver projects.

Our team research capabilities are essentially focused on project management applications and themes. Some of the themes have included stakeholder management, human resources management, project leadership and general project management perspectives. Relevant systems areas are system thinking, the principles of systems engineering and systems management, life cycle management, system engineering tools, through life sustainment of systems, design and operation of product–service systems, and relationship to project management and entrepreneurship.

Our research focuses on the various systems approaches to address complex management–business problems. Research in Systems includes, for example, applications of system engineering approaches in complex project management, analysis of innovation systems, analysis of system maintenance and reliability, implementation of system dynamics in critical infrastructures, application of Soft System methodology to organisational process modeling, concept and systems mapping in “The Creative Industry”, and network diagramming and self-organised systems applications.

Human aspects of cyber security is an established partnership with researchers from the Human and Social Modelling and Analysis team, National Security & Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Division (NSID), unit of the DST Group.

The Adelaide Business School also hosts a series of research seminars that are attended by staff, postgraduate and honours degree students as part of our commitment to research and scholarship development and exchange. 

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Assoc. Prof. Indra Gunawan - Head, Management discipline

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