5 Reasons to do a one-year Honours program

Give yourself the Adelaide advantage and get ahead of the crowd with our one-year research program.

An honours degree is a logical next-step, whether you’re looking to distinguish yourself with a competitive edge, explore a topic of your passion or fast-track your pathway towards graduate research study in an MPhil or a PhD.

The Adelaide Business School offers a one year Honours program in Finance and in Commerce, majoring in Accounting, Corporate Finance, Entrepreneurship, Management or Marketing. Final year students from any of these disciplines are encouraged to apply for this unique one-year program. In fact, we strongly recommend it. Here’s why:

1. Increase your career prospects – University of Adelaide graduates are the most employable in South Australia*

Consider doing Honours as an investment in your future. A year-long honours degree is a great way to test your strengths in academia and professional development that will yield life-long results.

Being awarded an honours degree from the University of Adelaide enriches your undergraduate degree and enhances your transferable skillset. Through guided and independent coursework, you will learn to refine your research and writing capabilities and further develop your critical thinking and communication skills. Ultimately, this will demonstrate to future employers that you can challenge yourself and go that extra-mile.

*2020 QS Graduate Employability Rankings

2. Contribute to research at a world-leading research university

The University of Adelaide is global player in the research field. Some honours graduates go on to have their research, based upon their honours project, published in academic journals.

The Adelaide Business School is an active participant in the local, national and global economy and has strong connections to the following research centres: Centre for Global Food and Resources (GFAR), Institute for International Trade (IIT), Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation and Innovation Centre (ECIC) just to name a few.

3. Become an expert with our experts

All honours students are guided by an experienced supervisor for the duration of their studies. Our supervisors share a wealth of practical experience across industry, research and academia.

Graduates with an Honours degree have developed deep-discipline knowledge and advanced analytical skills which often translate to a competitive edge over other job applicants.

Our graduates go onto a range of future pathways: from managing global marketing campaigns to further exploring their expertise and passions through postgraduate studies.

4. Fast-track your studies with our postgraduate degrees

An honours degree is the first stepping stone to further academic research, with many students using it as a direct pathway to a Doctor in Philosophy. Some students also choose to broaden their interdisciplinary knowledge through studying our Masters level courses.

An honours degree gives you a unique opportunity to explore your expertise and review your career pathways before committing to postgraduate studies, by research or coursework, with us.

5. Build your networks, here and now.

The University of Adelaide has an established network of distinguished academics and alumni across the private and public sector.

One of the reasons why Evie Papps (First Class Honours in Finance) completed her honours year with the Adelaide Business School was because of the “network of academics” that she could learn from.  

“I would say in that way it does give you a competitive advantage in building a network of academics who will tap on the shoulders of high achieving individuals, is definitely something I would suggest helped me”.

Academic mentorship from our academics who are leaders in their fields enables you to learn from the experts, extend your professional relationships and take advantage of the networking opportunities available to our alumni.

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