Entrepreneurship Commercialisation and Innovation Centre

The Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation and Innovation Centre (ECIC) holds a long tradition in entrepreneurship and innovation excellence.

Our success comes from the way we holistically integrate research, teaching and incubation with a global footprint. This enables a world-class environment for us to collaborate widely and to create social, economic, cultural, and intellectual value and impact in the communities we operate in.

Cultivating knowledge and creativity, the Centre stimulates and develops innovation, entrepreneurship, project management and complex systems capabilities.

With a unique, holistic learning model, students are provided with the skills, experience, and guidance to pursue their aspirations while at the same time establishing their own businesses if they so desire. We facilitate the growth of proactive and innovative leaders who can make a positive difference within their organisation, company or community.

We also offer world-class student and community-centric engagement initiatives including the Australian eChallenge, ThIncLab programs, and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).

Key contact

Professor Paul Steffens - Director, ECIC

Family Business Education And Research Group

Family Business Education and Research Group (FBERG) is Australia’s leading university-based group furthering family enterprise research, education, and engagement worldwide.


Study entrepreneurship

Our degrees in innovation and entrepreneurship are designed to impart advanced practical knowledge, whilst also teaching you the skills needed to incubate, grow and execute ideas.

Research in Entrepreneurship

Research concerned with entrepreneurship and innovation including characteristics and behaviour of individual entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial teams, new venture creation and performance, firm innovation and growth and entrepreneurship & innovation ecosystems.