How to secure scholarship support for your Adelaide MBA

Taking on further studies later in your life is a big investment of both your time and money. Consider applying for a scholarship to help support your Adelaide MBA journey.

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The Adelaide Business School supports a range of scholarships for its leading Adelaide MBA program, offering robust financial support across a range of categories. Multiple scholarships are offered every trimester for commencing students, with applications managed in-house by the dedicated MBA team. Our scholarship categories include:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

Specialised scholarships covering up to 100% of tuition fees have been made available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander applicants who have demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities in their workplace or community.

Academic Excellence

In recognition of high performing students, the Adelaide Business School offers academic scholarships covering between 10% and 25% of tuition fees, to applicants who have demonstrated academic excellence in previous undergraduate studies, postgraduate studies, or achieved a high GMAT score.

Aspiring Leaders

Previously known as Emerging Leaders, our Aspiring Leaders scholarship has been created to acknowledge an applicant’s outstanding leadership potential by providing tuition funding of up to 50%. Successful applicants have held senior leadership positions from a young age, led innovation projects outside of their normal scope, or have demonstrated strong leadership capabilities from early in their career.

Community Achievement

For the champions and innovators of community initiatives, the Community Achievement scholarship covers up to 50% of tuition funding for socially-minded applicants.  This scholarship is awarded to applicants who have a demonstrated passion and commitment to giving back to the community, whether this is through paid work, volunteer work, or extracurricular activities. 

Financial Need

Financial hardship can oftentimes impact an applicant’s ability to commence their studies. The Financial Need scholarship supports applicants who may have experienced changes to their personal, employment or living situation which has put their finances at a disadvantage. This scholarship also covers applicants such as Permanent Residents who may not be able to access government assistance.


This scholarship covers up to 25% of tuition costs and is designed for international applicants who can demonstrate how their global perspective will benefit the classroom experience. Successful recipients possess extensive business experience and an interest in sharing their international insights with their peers.

Staff Scholarship

Offered to eligible University of Adelaide staff, this scholarship covers up to 25% of Adelaide MBA tuition fees.

In addition to the Adelaide Business School supported scholarships, any Adelaide MBA commencing student can apply for the University Scholarships

Applications for Adelaide MBA Scholarships are made online, either at the time of program application or soon after. We encourage all applicants to consider applying for a scholarship; online application is simple and outcomes are delivered within two weeks of the application deadline via email.

For more information, read our article on tips for acing your Adelaide MBA Scholarship application or visit our scholarship website for up to date scholarship selection criteria and details on how to apply.

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