Educational agility and the changing needs of the wine industry

The University of Adelaide has hit the refresh button on their Wine Business suite, re-invigorating the programs to equip the next generation of wine business professionals with the skills and confidence to thrive in an evolving professional landscape.  

Wine Business Refresh

“Our success is not just based on what we have done before, but we are seeking to do, constantly tweaking our wine business programs to ensure they meet the changing needs of the next generation of wine professionals.” offers Associate Professor of Wine Business Dr Armando Corsi.

Responding to the impact both COVID-19 and changing trade relations have had on the wine industry, the Adelaide Business School’s wine business suite has been redesigned with the future wine professional in mind. 

“Australia has historically been a champion of innovation when it comes to wine business, so for us the model was to provide the best that Australia can offer when it comes to the wine industry.”Dr Rebecca Dolan, Program Director for Wine Business

Developing future-focused skills

Leaning on their industry expertise, the team behind the wine business programs identified future growth areas in the industry and developed a new range of courses to meet projected demand.  New course offerings include Wine Tourism, Wine Branding and Wine Retailing. 

“We want to give students the best tools to face the challenges that the wine industry is going to face in the future.” says Dr. Corsi.  

These new courses will be complemented by broader elective choices including entrepreneurship skills, a key strength of The Adelaide Business School and a valuable cross functional skill, demanded by students and industry alike.  

“The new breed of wine business professionals will need the skills to innovate and adapt in the changing environment”, says Dr Corsi, adding “it’s in line with that shift that we're seeing in the industry. Not every graduate is going to work for another company, they might actually start their own label. So we want to cater to both types of people.”

Connected to industry

Connection to industry is a major drawcard for students wanting to study wine business, and at The University of Adelaide, the professional networks begin right in the classroom.  “Even though we are ingrained in the industry, we know that there are industry leaders out there who have years of specialised experience, so we have also brought the experts in to teach.” says Dr Steve Goodman Associate Professor in Marketing.

Industry leaders including Robin Shaw, Founder of Wine Tourism Australia, Darren Oemcke, Director of Hydra Consulting, and Simon West, Director of Fullglass, will be joining The University of Adelaide Wine Business teaching team, providing critical connections into a tight-knit industry.

Flexibility in a digital world

The effects of COVID-19 have had a direct impact on the way people work. “Things are changing rapidly and we could see what our graduates needed so we wanted to offer a program that could fit into their lifestyle or business needs” says Dr Dolan. Redesigning these courses recognises the demand for greater flexibility, addressing the needs of a largely regional study body looking to upskill without compromising on location.

Acceleration pathways have also been added to the Master’s program for students with a background in viticulture and oenology. “This means that winemakers or those with similar degrees in viticulture, can complete a Masters in 1.5 years and have a 100% focus on business.” Says Dr Dolan.

With a focus on the future of the industry and the passionate individuals who contribute to it, the revised wine business suite will create shared value for both students and the wine sector.  

“These changes ensure that we will continue to be at the forefront of world class wine business education, combining unique exposure to the wine industry, teaching excellence, and hands on learning in the heart of Australia’s wine country.” says Dr Corsi.

 For more information on any of our Wine Business programs, please visit our Wine Business website.

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