The benefits of in-class learning

In a digital age where most things are available at the click of a button, we are sometimes asked why we are committed to offering the majority of our MBA suite through a face to face delivery rather than online.  

Group Learning

Even at the height of COVID in 2020, our classes were delivered remotely, in real-time, trying to capture the classroom experience that most of our MBA students value so highly in our programs.

And while we have introduced a completely Online MBA offering, recognising its value in flexibility, we also hold the view that the benefits found in the classroom are the most transformational and what make our graduates shine.

Our face to face class delivery model provides a rich learning environment, allowing participants to formulate innovative approaches to real world leadership challenges and complex issues.

Here are three of the key benefits of studying in-class:

Peer-to-Peer Learning

You will learn as much from your peers as you will learn from your teachers. This statement succinctly captures the core value of our post-experience Adelaide MBA and highlights the benefit of learning in a classroom full of talented professionals.

As each of your peers will bring years’ worth of professional experience to the classroom, you will be exposed to careers that span countless industries and have the opportunity to enter into deep discussions about ideas and concepts of which you may have had no prior knowledge. The previous experience and knowledge of your peers creates a real-world point of reference when tackling complex theories and concepts in class, allowing for greater understanding.

Across all of our MBA suite, it is through the collaboration of ideas that you will expand your horizons and grow to understand a multitude of business disciplines, in a way that would be impossible through readings and online lectures alone.


Attending class after a long day at work or spending part of your hard earned weekend catching up on homework is daunting at the best of times, and it can be a challenge to muster up the determination needed to get through a study session, especially if it involves staring intently at a screen for hours at a time.

But on the days where you would rather be relaxing on the couch, the added structure of scheduled face to face class times coupled with having classmates who can hold you accountable for the effort you put into each session, can provide that little extra push needed to help you make it through the program and reach your study goals.


Where would an MBA be without networking? One of the greatest appeals of returning to study is the opportunity to meet new people, who are committed to personal development and building a successful career.

For MBA candidates hoping to grow their social networks, the experience of struggling through the commitments of an MBA is all the more rewarding in its ability to bring people together and establish long-term bonds. It is not uncommon to hear stories where job opportunities arose through a chance encounter while studying, or of alumni who regularly catch up with the friends they made in their very first class, decades earlier.

You can find more information on our MBA suite and tips on finding the MBA that’s right for you on our MBA website.

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