Research idea: The evolving landscape of marketing technology, consumer behaviour and advertising

The rise of the smart phone has led to an increase in the ease of which people can access information.

But with this increase, comes an avalanche of new information from all angles, with consumers exposed to an abundance of data across multiple platforms, channels and devices.

The continuous consumption of this barrage of information across multiple channels has increased marketer’s data capture and targeting abilities, as well as informed new changes in technology and customers analytics – and this is expected to keep evolving and changing just as rapidly as the technology does.

This dynamic landscape gives rise to a vast range of questions concerning digital marketing and technology; including:

  • How can we understand social influencer impact and what should a firm’s strategy be regarding their relationship with influencers?
  • What is the ideal digital advertising creative and how do we create the optimal digital ‘ad’ to engage customers?
  • Is the practice of micro-targeting and personalisation valuable for brands as a digital strategy? How should campaigns be integrated across platforms, devices, and channels?

Additionally, the marketing and consumer landscape is rapidly changing. Recent events such as the global COVID-19 pandemic, and natural disasters such as the Australian Bushfires have led to a number of emerging questions that requires further research. For example, how will consumer behaviour change in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath? And should brands take a stand in times of crisis?

If the evolving landscape of the marketing has sparked your interest, you may consider undertaking an Honours project on this topic

Research interest area: consumer behaviour, brand management, digital marketing, technology, services landscape.

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