How to future proof your career with an MBA

The world is evolving and it’s moving faster than we ever could have imagined. We are on the cusp of a workplace revolution, driven by technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and shaped by climate change and pandemics, posing a very real and immediate threat to our professional lives.

In times like these it is important we focus on our careers to ensure we stay relevant and competitive in the changing market. Here’s how you can future proof your career by undertaking our Adelaide MBA.  

Practice your soft skills

New developments in AI have seen computers able to act as lawyers, doctors, stock traders and even as farmers. These roles are often thought of as needing a human touch, but like many other roles in the workforce, these can be performed by technology. What AI hasn’t been able to do is develop soft skills such as communication, social skills, the ability to make ethical decisions, emotional intelligence, creativity and innovation. To future proof your career, develop and utilise your soft skills as these will be the traits of successful leaders of the future. By undertaking an MBA with the University of Adelaide, you will have the opportunity to develop your soft skills, through interacting and working with your peers, solving complex real-world problems and applying ethics and innovation to projects such as the Social Enterprise Project or eChallenge.

Invest in life long learning

Learning is a lifelong journey and so it is a pipe dream to believe that your undergraduate degree alone is enough to equip you with all the tools to succeed in a diverse and changing world. By investing in learning in later life, you open up opportunities to develop new skills and gain theoretical and practical knowledge on advances in your current field. When you undertake an MBA, you are exposed to a whole suite of general management skills with core courses in finance, marketing and accounting – allowing you to diversify your skill set and increase your employability in an uncertain and volatile market.  

Embrace technology

Technology is inescapable in our current world and it can either work with you or against you – the difference is YOU. By embracing technology and actively adapting and evolving with it, you are less likely to get left behind and instead can stay ahead of the curve.  Many of the courses taught in the Adelaide MBA use the assistance of technology to facilitate learnings and outcomes in an environment where you can feel comfortable to explore and make mistakes on your journey to technical aptitude. Using technology creates a space for innovation and allows processes to be streamlined and documented, enabling you to work more efficiently and effectively in the face of change.

Network, network, network

Networking is a coveted soft skill that allows an avenue to share new ideas and innovations, increases your personal brand, and creates long lasting business relationships. To future proof your career, work on building your networks to ensure you stand out and opportunities do not slip by. By undertaking an Adelaide MBA, you are offered a rich learning environment to network with peers, professors, MBA alumni and important industry contacts. The networks you build as part of your studies gives you the confidence and connections needed in order to be relevant and seen in a crowded market.  

It’s not too late to invest in yourself and set your career up for success. An MBA can provide you with the skills and tools necessary to succeed in a world driven by technology and shaped by changing social and environmental factors. MBA graduates gain general management and leadership skills to turn their hand to a range of different sectors – future proofing their career and allowing them to remain adaptive and competitive in an often ambiguous world. 

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