Nickitar Akinyi reflects one the most impactful courses from her Master of International Business degree

Nickitar Akinyi, graduate from our Master of International Business* shares her experience studying at the University of Adelaide.

Nickitar Akinyi

"I chose my degree as I found it flexible with being able to pick courses thematically. While not quite interdisciplinary, often courses had a common denominator allowing for consolidation of ideas and concepts from different disciplines. This way of learning by coordinating areas we have interest in is sensible. It creates room for free critical thinking, comparative analysis, practicality and adaptability as we address integration as there’s bound to be correlation.

I enjoyed the insightfulness of some of the courses, particularly Cross Cultural Management and Negotiations and Fundamentals of International Business which delve into conducting business in different political, economic and socio-cultural systems. It was interesting to see how culture which is often downplayed as behaviour and attitude is so complex and immensely influences integral factors in our daily lives. Think diplomatic relations, alliances in international relations, multinational enterprise operations and their penetration strategies among others." - Nickitar Akinyi

*This testimonial is of the student studying the Master of International Business which was superseded by the Master of International Management from 2018. The information should not be relied upon for any purpose associated with the Master of International Management.

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