MBA team announced for the global Family Enterprise Case Competition

The University of Adelaide Business School (ABS) has announced the team of Master of Business Administration (MBA) students to compete in the annual Schlesinger Global Family Enterprise Case Competition (FECC).

The competition will be held at the University of Vermont in Burlington, Vermont, USA in January 2024 and is an exciting opportunity for those interested in family business leadership, consulting, and the entrepreneurship space.

The participants are Anastasia Bougesis, James Davidson, Jason Bobis, and Jing Holmes

Jing Holmes

Jing Holmes

The team was selected via a rigorous competitive process that included attending an information session and making a submission covering their motivation for entering, their experience working with family business and their key strengths and potential areas for growth.

"There were several other incredible candidates, so I'm thrilled to be selected and grateful for this opportunity" said candidate Jing, who has experience working as the Chief Financial Officer at Southern Design Group, a family-owned architectural hardware supplier and who previously lead training sessions on digital transformation topics at various events organised by CPA Australia, the CEO Institutes and the Local Government Association.

Anastasia Bougesis

Anastasia Bougesis

The team shares a common drive to challenge themselves and to grow from expanding their knowledge in areas such as family business dynamics, strategic problem-solving, and real-world case analysis.

"This educational experience is not only about learning but also about practical application. I look forward to gaining hands-on experience in tackling complex business challenges and enhancing my problem-solving abilities within a competitive and time-bound environment" said Anastasia, who also recognises the unique networking opportunity this competition presents.

"I aspire to build a strong professional network by connecting with fellow participants from various universities and engaging with industry experts. This network could prove invaluable for future career opportunities and collaborations" said Anastasia.

James Davidson

James Davidson

James, who is considering a research pathway, is also looking forward to forming strong bonds and learning from the highly experienced coaching team.

"Meeting other focused MBA students from around the globe will also be a brilliant experience and I am excited to see the diverse way’s our competitors approach the competition" said James.

Jason Bobis

Jason Bobis

"I was initially interested in being part of this team because—if my MBA studies have taught me anything—I better understand that truly great work almost always happens in collaboration with great people. So for me, joining a small cohort of highly-focused students interested in supporting family enterprise was attractive because it represents a unique opportunity to work with others and synergistically apply the range of skills developed throughout the MBA.  I see this as a unique learning opportunity which would be very difficult to achieve in isolation" said Jason.

The team’s preparation process will be guided by Coach, Michael Browne, and lecturers Professor Chris Graves and Professor Henry Shi. This year Richard Owens AM has kindly donated money to the ABS to offer successful MBA applicants $3,500 travel grants towards the costs to participate in the 2024 FECC.

"I'm excited to meet with my teammates in October to start our preparation for the FECC… we have a strong team this year, with four participants coming from diverse professional backgrounds in marketing, public relations, education and finance. I'm eager to learn from the lecturers and my team mates" said Jing.

With their combined skills and learnings from their MBA studies, the competition is sure to be hotly contested and the team look forward to bringing home a win.

"The MBA has not only equipped me with skills that enhance my efficiency but has especially deepened my understanding of leadership and human motivation. The capability to lead a team effectively amplifies the personal performance enhancements gained through the MBA across the entire team, acting as a performance multiplier" said James.

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