ABS top for career impact in The AFR's Best Business Schools 2023

Adelaide Business School has recently been ranked as one of the top schools for career impact in The Australian Financial Review’s Best Business Schools 2023.

Professor Noel Lindsay, Dean of Business at the Adelaide Business School (ABS) and Pro Vice Chancellor Entrepreneurship, spoke recently with The Australian Financial Review about the ABS’ sustained focus on agility and flexibility to ensure students are ahead of business and technical trends.

"The school takes care to ensure graduates are both entrepreneurial and capable of making the most of technical developments. The careers of today will be very different in 10, 20, 30 years. We need to be agile and adaptable" said Professor Lindsay.

Courses at the Adelaide Business School are taught in a discursive, seminar style format where possible, so students develop experience “sharing their logic and providing insight to help solve problems. When they complete their studies, they are accustomed to having both operational and strategic conversations” said Professor Lindsay.

Adelaide Business School

These experiences ready Adelaide Business School students for careers in senior positions. They are comfortable presenting and offering insightful analyses.

"Employers value entrepreneurial thinkers because they help develop the business and devise innovative methods, in both the private and public sectors” said Professor Lindsay.

The Adelaide Business School caters to a diverse range of students, Professor Lindsay says, which at the postgraduate level provides students with an insight into different industries. Graduates go on to work for multinationals, particularly big resources firms and defence contractors, governments, and large family companies. Some start their own ventures.

‘"Students can study entrepreneurship, but they can also spend time in our business incubator ThincLab and graduate with a business as well as a degree," said Professor Lindsay.

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