Ukrainian entrepreneurs in Denmark after the Russian invasion

A report has been released in Denmark written by Professor Paul Steffens of the Adelaide Business School and Professor Kim Klyver, Professor in Entrepreneurship at University of Southern Denmark and adjunct professor at University of Adelaide.

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Titled “Ukrainian Entrepreneurs in Denmark after the Russian invasion”, the report seeks to support the belief that entrepreneurship is a powerful force for change and that entrepreneurship will empower Ukrainian refugees to rebuild their lives and their country.

Professor Klyver recently spoke at an event “Uniting To Rebuild: Housewarming of The European-Ukrainian Hub”, attended by the Deputy Prime Minister of Denmark and their Minister of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, which also launched a new European-Ukrainian entrepreneurship hub.

The European-Ukrainian Hub will create jobs and new companies grown from inspiring events, house co-working spaces and networking, and facilitate activities bridging investments, business opportunities and new relations between Denmark, Europe and Ukraine to prepare for the rebuild of Ukraine.

“It has been a great privilege to work with the Danish Entrepreneurs organisation in their work to provide entrepreneurial training for Ukrainian refugees.

This is a silver lining to what is an enormous human tragedy. We were struck by the high levels of resilience and self-belief of these individuals in the face overwhelming personal crisis. These, mostly female, aspiring entrepreneurs were very highly educated and exhibited unusually high ambitions for their startup enterprises.”
– Professor Paul Steffens; Head Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation & Innovation Centre at the Adelaide Business School.

Read the full report here to learn more about the impact of this story.

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