Research to Practice: Retirement Planning – we’ve researched the best practice for retirement planning, so you don’t have to

Dr Valerie Caines

Considering retirement? Get advice based on the latest research in podcast series Research to Practice – Retirement Planning hosted by Head of Management at the Adelaide Business School Dr Valerie Caines.

Valerie’s podcasts unveil retirement planning research interventions, explore the hurdles of family business succession, unravel the mysteries of financial literacy, explore how to be financially prepared, reveal the perfect timing for retirement planning, consider the power of entrepreneurship as a third-act career, and embrace the importance of holistic retirement planning.

“Effective retirement planning requires careful attention to your health, finances, social connections, cognitive abilities, emotional regulation, and motivation”. - Dr Valerie Caines.

Valerie hosts this unmissable series for anyone preparing for the future with expert colleagues, research collaborators from Macquarie University and industry.

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