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The future looks bright for Master of Applied Project Management (Project Systems) student Prashant Singh. Combining his skills in computer science with a project management degree, Prashant is determined to make an impact on the world.

Prashant Singh

Prashant accepted his challenge when it came to his future career and decided to continue his studies offshore from India during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He is also making an impact at university, volunteering as an International Peer Mentor. With his unique experience of studying both in Australia and now offshore in India, Prashant wants to share his experience with others, helping students settle into university life, in a way that most students never could have predicted prior to COVID-19.

Prashant discovered his degree whilst he was completing a two months Edx course by the University of Adelaide.

"I studied an introduction to this course on Edx via the University of Adelaide, I loved the content and the lecturer of that course Professor Frank Schultmann. This was the first thing which attracted me to The University of Adelaide. When I finally decided to study in Australia, I searched many universities to find there were only a few universities in Australia that provided this program. After looking at all of those universities, The University of Adelaide was a no-brainer because of its position in the top 1% of the world’s top universities, as well as the course curriculum" he said.

"This is a unique course that has a wide application regardless of any domain. This is because nowadays, managers are required everywhere in each organisation. This particular program will be in high demand in the next 5 years and future prospects look great. As per PMI (Project Management Institute), there will be a need for more than 22 million new Project Management Professional roles available by 2027," he added.

Other reasons which helped him choose The University of Adelaide included the information availalbe on the website, Degree Finder and reading testimonials from alumni.

Prashant said he most enjoys learning about management from different angles.

"The option to study electives from various other disciplines like entrepreneurship was one of the most exciting things that I enjoyed being a part of this program"Prashant Singh

Although learning remotely has been a great challenge, Prashant has used different strategies to ensure he is able to perform at his best on all of the assignments.

He provides the following advice to offshore students.

"Create a detailed plan of how to approach a particular study period including creating a roadmap on how to finalise examinations, tests, and assignments. Also make sure to kept track of daylight daving as it could lead to missing deadlines. Additionally, I would recommend that students participate in activities organised by the University to feel connected and make social connections which will be very helpful once they land in Adelaide," he said.

Prashant also recommends students participate in online learning to make connections.

"I would recommend every international student proactively participate in the discussion board of each course and make healthy connections with students and instructors of all the courses. Students should prepare their assignments well in advance so that deadlines are not missed due to technical glitches that occur now and then," he explained.

"And the most important thing to remember is that to only trust the information that is being provided by University officials and try to avoid any other sources that may give misleading information. In case of any doubt regarding anything, please reach out to your Faculty or Ask Adelaide."Prashant Singh


Support Services offered by The University of Adelaide

During his time studying offshore, Prashant has found different support services provided by the University of Adelaide to be invaluable.

"The International Student Support (ISS) helped me to clear my doubts around my visa and studies that I completed offshore. They also helped me to understand how I can comply with changing visa rules," he said.

"I also accessed Career Services. This service includes a LinkedIn Profile Development workshop which helped me understand the importance of LinkedIn and how I can make connections with industry leaders and university alumni to understand the job market. It is a great service from the University of Adelaide that every student should take advantage of," he explained.

"Career Hub is another great platform to apply for internships and jobs offered by the University and I like the opportunities that are being offered on this platform."Prashant Singh


Joining the Peer Mentor Program

Prashant lived in Adelaide for five months before studying the remainder of his two-year program offshore.

"During this period, I experienced a wide range of different perspectives of university life. I joined the Peer Mentor Program as I wanted to help future students who are starting their studies. I feel that apart from helping students who are starting offshore, I will also be able to help students transition into the Adelaide community once they arrive in Adelaide," he said.

"I look forward to serving the community by helping students settle into Adelaide and helping them in different ways. As I know that people who are new to Adelaide have so many questions in their head and they need someone to get their queries answered. These were all the reasons that motivated me to become an International Peer Mentor. There is no better place than the IPM program to serve the community while getting your work recognised."Prashant Singh

Prashant said he is looking forward to running events such as the Communitea and LCE nights as these events are designed to really make an impact for international students.

"Being a fresher at the University two years back, I was able to learn many things from these events that really helped me to understand my community and the vibrant University culture."

Current Career and Future Aspirations

Prashant is looking towards his future.

"A degree from a premier institution like The University of Adelaide is a matter of great pride to every student. This degree prepares students to become leaders in their fields as well as creating a social impact. The program available at The University of Adelaide is recognised worldwide and that will help me to pursue a career in any part of the world. I must mention the importance of making connections"Prashant Singh

"Being part of such a vibrant community has taught me to develop a sense of cultural intelligence that would have not been possible otherwise. Studying at The University of Adelaide helped me broaden my horizons and taught me the indispensable skills required to make an impact in society."

He is a Computer Science graduate and now holds a Masters degree in project management from The University of Adelaide, he realises his future is bright.

"I have been working as a Project Management Intern for the last six months at an Ed-Tech startup and I look forward to becoming a Project Manager for a leading organisation where I can apply my knowledge that I acquired while studying to take the organisation to the pinnacle of its success," he said.

Returning to Adelaide

Prashant is looking forward to three things when arriving back in Adelaide namely:

  • Visiting the University campus, grabbing a coffee from the local University Cafe and sitting on the shore of river Karrawirra Parri (his favourite place to relax at Uni);
  • Visiting Henley beach in the evening;
  • Visiting Rundle Mall.

Join as a Peer Mentor

Prashant is just one of many incredible offshore International Peer Support Mentors overcoming adversity and dedicating themselves to supporting other students navigate university life. If you are considering starting or continuing your studies online but want to know what support is out there, visit our offshore study support page or reach out to one of our friendly team members.

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