Project Management student graduates 'job ready'

"My time at the University of Adelaide studying Master of Applied Projected Management felt industry and job focused with targeted learning outcomes and tailoring to make me graduate as job-ready."

Carissa McLaren

Carissa McLaren

Graduating from Master of Applied Project Management in 2020, Carissa McLaren is currently employed as a Project Manager at Commonwealth Facilities and Infrastructure (Defence) in Adelaide to manage infrastructure contract across Australia.

During her studies, she most enjoyed three courses including System Designs for Projects, Risk Assessment and Management, and Complex Project Management. These courses enabled Carissa to gradually built her knowledge and skill set required to deliver on real life-life projects, invaluable to her current role and future career.

"The discipline of project management is unique from person to person, company to company, and industry to industry," she said.

Project management is versatile. In the course, students are learnt a practical ways to explore and understand different goals from the outset of each project, and to consider all the factors that may affect its execution. It enables students to explore how to effectively communicate, manage people and to employ leadership skills to successfully deliver a project.

Carissa said the program has a direct objective and she felt supported throughout her studies.

"Everything delivered in the program has a purpose which I found it straightforward and realistic. I feel supported in terms of quick responding staff, easily accessibly help desks and user friendly digital platform," Carissa McLaren

Carissa also enjoyed how the subjects and projects are able to be customised to suit her area of interests, as well as the offering for intensives to give her flexibility to commit to work while learning how to manage projects at whole new scales and levels of complexity.

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