Double degree in law and business opens doors for student Alissar Aleid


Coming from Syria in 2016, Alissar Aleid saw her country torn apart in an endless war, and feels extremely passionate about advocating for those in need of a voice, so chose to study a double degree.

Currently studying a double degree, Alissar mixed her passions and is completing a Bachelor of Laws with a Bachelor of Business in Digital Marketing and Communication. 

"I chose law because I have a passion for democracy and justice. I saw all kinds of injustice and corruption in Syria therefore, I wanted to equip myself with the knowledge and abilities to fight for justice and freedom," she said.

Alissar chose a business degree as well, as she is also a budding artist.

"I believe it will help me promote and grow my art business. I love painting and making a living out of that is a big goal for me. There's nothing better than enjoying what one does for a living," she said.

"I love doing a double degree in two very different areas. It keeps me interested and engaged as I use my creative side in my marketing degree and my brainy side in my law degree. I would love to practice law and join a law firm in the future. I am not decided on what I will specialize in yet, but whatever I end up choosing, I hope it will be a passion of mine. I would also love to become a successful selling artist in the future. I want to create paintings that represent my thoughts feelings and identity, and at the same time, allow others to connect with them on a deep level."Alissar Aleid

Beginning at The University of Adelaide in 2019, Alissar joined many clubs and attended many events to engage and network with new people.

"I met amazing people who became my close friends and I learned so much and grew as a person," she said. 

Using her business, marketing and communication skills to successfully set up her art business, Alissar is responsible for finding opportunities to create and sell her artworks, attend art events and exhibitions, set up stalls at markets, and also maintain social media accounts.

Looking forward, Alissar is hopeful to a time when borders open and she can join an international study tour.

"I love the different overseas study tours that used to be offered in my degrees but are now on hold because of COVID-19. However, I cannot wait for the borders to reopen, as I would like to undertake an overseas study tour to further engage in my degree and build my skills and knowledge," she said.

Alissar said she has enjoyed the variation of courses in her degrees a lot.

In particular, Criminal Law, Property law, international law, and Digital Media have been my favorite so far," she said.

"Being a University of Adelaide student allows me to connect with so many current and past students in and outside of the university. I've enjoyed my time until now and I am looking forward to the coming years of my studies here," she added.

Roles for law graduates are expanding significantly. Those who become lawyers can become involved in court work, or enter practice as a solicitor. But many graduates also pursue careers in industry, government, commerce, community organisations, become consultants or join academic institutions. If you're passionate about justice like Alissar, take that next step in your legal career and take a look at study options at the Adelaide Law School.

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We offer a range of business related degrees, enabling students to choose their own path and become career ready.

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