Will Twiss takes the next logical step with his Adelaide MBA degree

As Will Twiss reassessed his work career trajectory in the midst of a global pandemic, he found that the Adelaide MBA was the answer to put him back on the right path to success.

Will Twiss

After completing a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Politics in 2017, Will was a young graduate who found part-time work in customer-facing administration roles across manufacturing, small-businesses, hospitality and the services sector. He had a natural spark for understanding how business systems, society and the world around him operated which stemmed from completing some economics electives during his undergraduate study. 

A digital native, Will developed a natural affinity for all things web, digital and online. He briefly worked a short stint in as a Campaigns Advisor and Electorate Officer where he learned the art of communicating to stakeholders. 

As the world came to a global standstill in late 2019, he began to reassess his career pathway and what the years ahead might look like. From his experience of working in diverse fields, he noted the common theme which drove him to work and strive for the best was the Adelaide network of people which he drew inspiration and support from.

"I am truly inspired by South Australia and the fact incredible local businesses and innovative minds are in abundance. We have a great, community network here in Adelaide," he said. 

Will wanted to make the most of resources he had on hand to support his passions and interests. He identified that a lot of local businesses were in search of marketing assistance and advice. It is often the case that a strong, strategic marketing campaign that can either break or make a business, and he was determined to see the latter succeed.

He decided to combine his two growing areas of interest to help businesses boost awareness, traction and positive word-of-mouth in the local community in the digital and online space. 

"Ultimately, I realised that I had a passion for helping others, working with people to achieve their goals and I was young, dynamic and passionate about it to assist the process" he said. 

While passion and a strong sense of drive was important, Will also realised that there were limitations to this; he didn't have have the leadership knowledge or authority to help potential clients who primarily sought high-quality advice and expertise. The answer to his problems lied in the fact that he needed to upskill to keep up with the changing work environment around him. At the beginning of 2020, Will enrolled in the Adelaide MBA degree to boost his career prospects in marketing, family business and empowering entrepreneurs and the youth.

"I decided that an MBA would be a very useful degree and a great challenge. I wanted to be surrounded by business people and absorb as much as I could" he said. 

"If you want to learn everything about business... then this is the degree. Prepare to be changed for the better, and work with a dynamic and experienced team of teaching staff". Will Twiss, Master of Business Administration candidate

He was particularly drawn to the Adelaide MBA due to the breadth of subjects across the business spectrum that he could study, from Marketing to Economics to Management and Finance. Will was enamoured by the course content that was engaging and thought-provoking. Will was excited to try his hand at studying marketing theories but also found that management was useful in helping him manage projects, both personal and professional. 

"Whilst I recognise the use of the more technical courses, the transformative courses like Fundamentals of Leadership and Managing Contemporary Organisations have changed me for the better, as a person. Before these courses, I could not muster the courage to tackle website design but after an exercise called “immunity to change” I was able to take up the challenge and edit multiple websites. In each course I find I pick up 3-4 things that make a huge difference to my personal and work life" he said

Will is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of the North Adelaide Heritage Group; a family-run luxury accommodation provider that is based in the City of Adelaide. Being in charge of the marketing operations, Will's work involves end-to-end project management of marketing initiatives to identify business growth opportunities and managing the corporate brand. In his spare time, Will also manages the Youth Platform, The Adelaide Set; a venture that is about showcasing the best of South Australia and Adelaide through generating authentic and organic content for its growing online audience. 

Will also works as an Advertisement Specialist for Artisan Agency which creates advertising campaigns for small businesses. 

Looking back upon his decision to study the Adelaide MBA, Will is proud of everything that he has put into pursuing a postgraduate qualification to upskill. 

"If you want to learn everything about business... then this is the degree. Prepare to be changed for the better, and work with a dynamic and experienced team of teaching staff," he said. 

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