Wirreanda High School Students take out the 2020 Shark Tank Win!

Year 11 students Avalon Choat, Tyler Morgan and Nate Wallace from Wirreanda High School are the master minds that won them the title of 2020 eSchool Shark Tank winners. 

eChallenge winners

The teams company name Taan. Co focuses on the idea of creating reusable coffee lids that can be used on standard sized coffee cups.  The idea surrounding the reusable lids is that a suction mechanism will be incorporated into the design that will allow the lid to lock onto the lip of a standard coffee cup helping to prevent spills. 

Along with preventing spills, the student recognised that over 2,700,000 coffee cups per day were being thrown out into the environment.  This research really pushed the students to want to come up with a product that was reusable. 

The present pandemic, COVID 19 also got the team thinking about how beneficial their product could be in keeping barristers and customers safe as keep cups are currently not being accepted.  This solution of reusable lids would also help alleviate the fear of someone else touching the coffee lid and passing on germs, giving customers a greater sense of control. 

As part of winning the eSchool Challenge, the team was able to meet with ThincLab Technology Manager, Morgan Hunter who was able to give the students feedback on potential ways to further develop their model.  Morgan will continue to work with the team to further improve their design. 

After discussions as a group it was decided that Avalon, Tyler and Nate will continue through to the eChallenge over the course of the next three months competing against adults.

Australian eChallenge 

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