Where are they now - with MBA Alumni, Mercy Oloo

From cutting her teeth as tax accountant at a large multinational corporation, to now managing her own start-up, Mercy Oloo has always been driven to empower and lift up the women around her.

Mercy Oloo

Born in Kenya and relocating to Canada at the age of 12, Mercy saw firsthand the differences between that of her birth country and of her new home country. With limitless opportunities in Canada, Mercy thrived as an intelligent and driven young woman and it wasn’t until 9 years later that she made her return to Kenya which changed the course of her career trajectory.

The differences between the country she knew, and the country that lay before her were astounding. Kenya had gone through an exciting period of growth and it was this transformation which sparked her interest in using business to bring change.

“I am passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation. My passion stems from wanting to empower women and create lasting impacts for their future.”

Upon her return to Canada, Mercy graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce and secured a role as a Tax Accountant with Ernst and Young. This role exposed her to a wealth of individuals from multiple countries, challenging her to be a better global citizen and achieve success in her business career.

Seeking to further push herself and hone in on her entrepreneurial spirit, Mercy made the decision to undertake an MBA to help her learn the skills and tools necessary to create and run her own business. As a global traveller and not afraid of little adventure, Mercy looked to the land down under to pursue her MBA, choosing to study an Adelaide MBA with the University of Adelaide.

“As an international student, it was daunting to make the decision to move across the world and pursue my MBA at the University of Adelaide. The experience allowed me to broaden my knowledge and understanding as a business professional, in addition to developing my professional network and connections here in Australia.”Mercy

It was through these professional networks, that Mercy met Letisia Odeke, her self-described nemesis. Both accomplished, confident African women, Mercy and Letisia soon moved past the competition stage of their relationship, watching it form into a solid friendship and now business partnership.

As part of her MBA studies, Mercy undertook a final research project focusing on understanding the barriers female entrepreneurs face in developing countries. It was this research project which paved the way for her to develop HRU Global.

“The MBA allowed me to gain key leadership and business skills that have been so important in working on my start-up. The journey of an entrepreneur involves a lot of trials, experiments, failure, learning and iteration; and through this processes, I have been able to apply key learnings from my MBA classes.”

Co-founded by Mercy and Adelaide MBA Alumni Letisia Odeke, HRU Global is an online platform connecting and championing fellow female entrepreneurs in the digital marketplace. Members are given access to a dedicated online store, interactive workshops and opportunities to network and connect with industry experts and potential investors.

While not busy running her own company, Mercy lends her talents to KIT International, co-designing innovative programs and health initiatives for the empowerment of young women in developing countries.

When reflecting on her bold move to pursue MBA studies in another country, Mercy’s advice to other potential applicants is to “just do it”.

 “The MBA has allowed me to think differently and to push myself to dream bigger. I was able to connect with some of the brightest minds in Australia, some of whom have become my best friends.”

Mercy’s career journey is just one of the many amazing stories of our Adelaide MBA alumni. If you are interested exploring your potential and undertaking an Adelaide MBA, get in touch with our Adelaide MBA team.

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