Graduate reflections: Zviko Masiwa, Master of International Business

Zviko Masiwa, Master of International Business* graduate takes a trip down memory lane as she shares her experiences studying at the University of Adelaide.

Why did you choose your degree?

I chose the Master of International Business because I've always been interested in entrepreneurship, creativity, and technology. So, this degree was perfect for me because it's a combination of all three. 

Why did you choose to study at the University of Adelaide?

I decided to study at the University of Adelaide because:

  • From Zimbabwe, I fell in love with the city of Adelaide. I had never been overseas before and I loved the idea of living in a medium-sized city that's full creativity, full of internationals like me and friendly locals, plus beautiful beaches. 
  • I chose the University of Adelaide specifically because it's one of the Group of 8 Universities. I also wanted to attend a University that focused on providing work experience and internships for its students. I knew having work experience would be very important after I graduated and started looking for my first job.

What did you enjoy about your degree? 

I enjoyed so many things about my degree:

  • The focus on group work was a game-changer. It's how I made friends (Australian and International) and it improved my communication skills so much. My soft skills really helped me get my first job after University, and I have group projects to thank for that.
  • My favourite course was the Graduate Careers Readiness course because it gave me practical skills that I still use today. Another course I loved was a course on creativity. It's helped me so much in my marketing jobs.

Did you undertake a global learning experience/internship whilst studying at the University?

All the internships I did were in Adelaide. I really enjoyed them and I'm so happy that the University's career guidance team encouraged me to sign up for as many internships as possible. After I graduated, this really set me apart and helped me secure a full-time marketing job less than 3 months after graduating.

What job role do you have now and what kind of work does that involve?

Right now, I've just started my personal branding business, called Ambitious Tribe. Before starting my business, I was working full-time as a Marketing & Communications Coordinator at one of the biggest companies in South Australia. 

In my business, I help business owners from all over the world build a strong personal brand, even if they don't have a strong following yet. I still use my marketing skills and soft skills every day in my business.

How did your study help with your career?

So far the skills I learnt in University, like creativity and communication skills are still very relevant. I actually still re-read my old University notes sometimes. 

My studies helped me get my first full-time job at my dream company (at the time) within 3 months of graduating. This particular role actually didn't exist when I applied, but I convinced the co-CEOs of the business to give me a chance. They were impressed by all the work I did while I was studying, so the company created a new marketing role just for me. 

Looking back, University also taught me self-confidence, which is why I had the guts to approach the co-CEOs in the first place.

*This testimonial is of the student studying the Master of International Business which was superseded by the Master of International Management from 2018. The information should not be relied upon for any purpose associated with the Master of International Management.

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