Kentaro Misawa credits his Master of International Business degree with being insightful in key issues in International business

Kentaro Misawa, graduate from our Master of International Business* shares his experience studying at the University of Adelaide.

Why did you choose to study your degree in International Management?

I had always wanted to work internationally and became a global business citizen being capable of working anywhere in the world. I believed studying international business is a must to achieve my goal.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Adelaide?

Although I had never been to Australia at that time, I thought there would be plenty of business opportunities between Japan and Australia for the long term. The reason I chose the University of Adelaide is that it offered a variety of international business related courses, all of which were appealing to my interest.

What did you enjoy about your degree?   

The most memorable and enjoyable experience through my degree was my internship at PwC Adelaide office. It was a valuable opportunity for me to work in the Australian business environment as well as to grow my skill set and to expand my professional network.

What job role do you have now and what kind of work does that involve? 

I currently work as a Business Development Manager for Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) at the Australian embassy Tokyo. My role is to promote Australia as an attractive investment destination in the area of Resource & Energy and Infrastructure. Through part of the international business course, I have learned the nature of foreign direct investment (FDI) strategy which greatly inspired my interest working in this field in my career. I am proud to work for Australia and Japan at Austrade.

*This testimonial is of the student studying the Master of International Business which was superseded by the Master of International Management from 2018. The information should not be relied upon for any purpose associated with the Master of International Management.

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