Jillian Sales, Master of Applied Project Management (Project Systems) student shares her experiences

A student of our Master of Applied Project Management (Project Systems) program, Jillian Sales shares her experience studying at the University of Adelaide.

Jillian Sales - Master of Applied Project Management (Project Systems)

Pictured: Jillian Sales

Why did you choose your degree? 

I chose the Master of Applied Project Management (Project Systems) because I wanted to add diversity in my technical skills from an engineering background. I aspire to be able to apply both technical and management aspects once I am able to step into the industry. 

Why did you choose to study at the University of Adelaide? 

Adelaide is been known to be one of the most liveable cities in the world and is well known to be a state of many festivals and lively activities. I was keen to explore my independence in a city where I know I am safe and secure while still getting to know myself and what I can do after I finish my postgraduate studies. In searching for a University for my masters, I wanted my University to be well-known but also prioritises diversity and inclusion. I picked the University of Adelaide for its rating on the top University list and its prestigious status as one of the oldest universities in Australia. The University is right in the city centre where I experience the independence I crave while city-living and gaining the global learning experience the University of Adelaide is known for. 

The opportunities and engagements I have come across within the university is very fulfilling and unique.

What did you enjoy about your degree? 

Master of Applied Project Management (Project Systems) has given me multiple perspectives thus far on what the practical application would be like in the industry. Its theoretical aspect has provided a guidance which drives me to learn and discover more on how I can efficiently and effectively apply the skills I earn from studying this postgraduate degree. 

What are your career aspirations after university?

My active involvement in the University opportunities have helped me broaden my aspirations and expectations for when I finish my degree. I do aspire to apply my technical and management skills in becoming a Business Data Analyst in the near future.

What job role do you have now and what kind of work does that involve? 

I'm currently working as a Marketing Intern with a biotech company called LBT Innovations. The role heavily involves market research in their industry in scoping a potential opportunity to commercialise a product they are currently developing. The work involved in this internship is a lot of desktop research, formulation of a questionnaire and potential customer interviews. This has already given me a glimpse on how I can apply my project management skills from initiating and closing a project. 

What courses did you enjoy the most? How does your study relate to your career?

Thus far, I've mostly enjoyed my Leadership and Communications course where we've had interactive lectures. I'd like to think that leadership and communications are essential in any type of career. It helped me realise the key factors of what makes a good leader and how I discovered what my strengths are to be a leader in projects that I will manage in the near future. 

What else would you like to share with future students?

My overall experience in the University has been very interesting and engaging. In between transferring programs and realising what I wanted to do as a profession, the University has been nothing but supportive. The multitude of resources in the university has also given me confidence in my adjustment as an international student. The courses I have taken gave me the opportunity to identify what I want to do in my career and apply it once I join the industry. The University environment and facilities have provided comfortable spaces where I can study and accomplish University tasks. The Support Hub and staff have been overly supportive and accommodating of my concerns and requests and there was always smooth transactions in between. The opportunities and engagements I have come across within the university is very fulfilling and unique. Student involvement within the faculties and societies has given me confidence in experiencing extra curricular activities and realising how I can contribute to my student life growth not only for me but also for my peers. I still continue to be enthusiastic of what I have yet to experience for the rest of my postgraduate time with the University of Adelaide. 

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