Fees & Scholarships

Everything you need to know about financing your studies.

Course fees

Fees for the Adelaide MBA program are charged incrementally on a ‘pay as you go’ basis at the start of each trimester based on your enrolment.

A breakdown of the indicative fees for 2019 are outlined below:

2019 Tuition fees (indicative only) Per course (3 units) Full 12-course cost 
Domestic A$5,125 A$61,500
International A$5,750 A$69,000

Eligible domestic candidates also have the option of deferring the cost of their tuition to FEE-HELP.

* Fees for courses completed in subsequent years may be subject to change.


Scholarship support for the Adelaide MBA program is funded by the Adelaide Business School across a range of categories to ensure our program is accessible to all candidates who have the capability and drive to undertake MBA studies. The selection of MBA scholarships available can be found on the scholarship application page.

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  • Rules and eligibility

    • To be eligible for a scholarship, an applicant must have made a formal application for entry into the Adelaide MBA Program.
    • Scholarship applications must be submitted by the application deadline of the trimester an applicant is applying for entry into the Adelaide MBA program.
    • All scholarship recipients must participate in the MBA Ambassador Program for a period of 12 months.  
    • If a student accepts a scholarship and then defers commencement of their studies, they must apply to the MBA Program Director for approval to have the scholarship deferred for up to a maximum of 12 months.
    • If a student withdraws from, or is not enrolled in the MBA program for a period of 12 months or longer, either by electing to exit with a lesser degree or through a leave of absence, the scholarship will cease.
    • Each available scholarship will only cover the minimum number of courses required for a student to be eligible to graduate with the program in which they are enrolled. For example: Master of Business Administration (12 courses).
    • If a student does not successfully complete a course, either by receiving an overall fail grade or withdrawing during the Withdraw No Fail (WNF) or Withdraw Fail (WF) periods, the scholarship will not cover completion of any required additional courses.
  • Critical dates

    Scholarship application deadlines
    Trimester 1, 2019 Monday 10 December 2018
    Trimester 2, 2019 Monday 8 April 2019
    Trimester 3, 2019 Monday 15 July 2019
  • External scholarships

    • External scholarship opportunities are available and can be applied for in conjunction with the previously listed scholarships.
    • External scholarships are governed separately to the MBA specific scholarships and are subject to alternate rules and requirements.
    • Any enquiries in regards external funding opportunities should be referred directly to the organisation responsible for that scholarship