South-East Asia Pacific chapter, American Society for Engineering Management

As the South-East Asia Pacific chapter, American Society for Engineering Management (SEAP chapter, ASEM), we are passionate about the critical role of EM in our fast-changing world.

Given advancing globalisation, rapidly growing technology, increasing involvement of stakeholders, and growing ambiguity and complexity, the skills of EM will help you to find critical solutions to the new problems you are facing. There are going to be winners and losers as we face the future: get yourself on the winning side.

  • Non-Award Certificate in Crisis and Complexity Management

    We provide education in EM in the form of a non-award Certificate in Crisis and Complexity Management consisting of 2 courses, Complex Project Management and Engineering Management Principles. Both courses are delivered online and globally.

  • Certification

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    We also provide Certification through our partnership with the American Society for Engineering Management. ASEM, located in the US, the society which speaks for engineering management across the world. They aim to advance EM practice and theory, maintain high professional standards, promote development of the profession, and serve the public interest. EM can provide solutions to vexing challenges now. It is also the best way for engineers and managers to connect with other practitioners and academics in the field and learn from their experience and best practices.

    We provide certification at two levels: Associate Engineering Manager (AEM) for young professionals who are planning to enter management; and Professional Engineering Manager (PEM) for experienced technical managers who want to validate their skills and experience with a professional certification.

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  • Membership benefits

    When you become a member, there are many benefits. Membership of the student chapter will offer networking, access to the University’s substantial alumnae, access to a wide range of literature provided by the society (including the journal, the EM handbook, the Engineering Management Body of Knowledge, and the Conference Proceedings), access to the ASEM annual conference including student competitions, and enhanced job search opportunities. Webinars by experts in the field will keep your knowledge current

    For practitioners, joining ASEM will provide products and services for strengthening your capacity to manage well, opportunities to network with other like-minded people, access to students for potential internships, access to webinars and other information provided by the chapter. Membership of ASEM provides you with a global network of EM professionals and access to the most up-to-date discussions in the field.


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