Adelaide Business School Prize and Awards Ceremony 2024

ABS Prizes and awards ceremony brochure

The Adelaide Business School celebrated student achievements at its annual Prize and Awards Ceremony on 7 May at the National Wine Centre.

Hosts Professor Noel Lindsay (Dean of Business, Adelaide Business School, and Pro-Vice Chancellor Entrepreneurship) and Dr Tiffany De Sousa Machado (Adelaide Business School) welcomed guest speaker Nell Keyvani, Senior Program Coordinator at PwC, who presented to more than 200 Adelaide Business School staff, prize winners, sponsors, and guests.

“The prize night is one of the most special occasions in the Adelaide Business School calendar each year, where staff, students and sponsors come together to celebrate our students’ achievements,” Professor Lindsay says.

Congratulations to all of our prize and award winners – the Adelaide Business School is proud of your achievements, and wishes you well in all of your future endeavours!

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Industry Sponsored Prize Winners - Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses and programs

The PKF Adelaide Prize for Accounting Foundations
Joanne Xue Ping Su

Auditor General’s Department Prize for Financial Accounting
Daniel Cai Martin

Auditor General’s Department Prize for Accounting Systems and Data Analytics
Nicholas Darcy Michaels

The CPA Prize for Accounting Theory
Sarah Salvemini

The Taylor Collison Prize for Business Finance
Jack O’Farrell Maitland
Nargis Abdul Baseer
Kyan Marcel Percevault

Catapult Wealth Prize for Fintech and Disruption in Financial Services
Brodie Jed Brooks
Cooper Jay Hawking
Benjamin John Adams

The Unisuper Prize for Portfolio Theory and Management
Daniel Marchesan

The GKB Chowdary Prize for Entrepreneurial Leadership
Michelle Adelaine Utomo

The CPA Prize for Accounting Concepts and Methods (M)
Huilin Wang

Joseph Fisher Medal for Accounting
Angela-May Rullo

The Ann Wills Bachelor of Commerce (Corporate Finance) Prize
Angela-May Rullo

The George Thompson Prize for Outstanding performance in Bachelor of Commerce
Lucy Ann Byrnes

The AW Bampton Prize for Master of Accounting and Finance
Thi Quynh Chau Nguyen

Industry Sponsored Prize Winners - MBA program

The Redarc Electronics Prize for Enterprise Project
Fabia Bianca Rothenfluh

The Hender Consulting Prize for Managing Organisational Behaviour
Timothy James Weling

Adelaide Business School Award Winners – MBA

Business Analytics for Managers
Andrew Peter Harris

Business Law
Rebecca Jean Mayo

Strategic Management
Rahul Pradhan

Negotiation Skills
Rahul Pradhan

Managerial Finance
Rahul Pradhan

Systems Thinking for Management
Rahul Pradhan

Fundamentals of Leadership
Joel Mark Dillon

Marketing for Leaders
Jane Lena Creaser

Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Timothy James Weling
Felicity Kate Lloyd
Andrew Peter Harris

Enterprise Project (6 units)
Lisa Amabili

Contemporary Business Practice
Lynda Sharee McArdle

Accounting for Managers
David Nagy

Adelaide Business School Award Winners – Undergraduate

Introductory Accounting
Pranaay Kumar

Cost and Management Accounting
Wan Shajeeda Saaidon Khaidry
Zachary Aman Hazel

Corporate Accounting
Huimin Cheng

Christopher Michael Press

Strategic Management Accounting
Jack Heard

New York Study Tour
William Fraser Warrick

Advisory Principles and Practice
Leilani Madeleine Dale

Business Operations Management
Leilani Madeleine Dale

Sustaining Work and Business for a Just Society
Connor Robert Haines

Managing Organisations and People
Shing-Li Pok

Organisational Behaviour
Wing Tung Victoria Kwok

Managing Across Cultures
Snigdha Choudhary
Lily Jane Pfitzner

Strategic Management
Kurt Thoeny

Human Resource Management
Sophie Charlotte
Scott O’Grady

Managing Conflict and Change
Sophie Charlotte
 Scott O’Grady

Systems Thinking for a Complex World
Hayley Skye Riessen

Financial Institutions Management
William Fraser Warrick
Preshaan Thavarajah
William Jack Grow

Business Valuation
William Jack Grow

Options Futures and Risk Management
William Jack Grow

Business Data Analytics
Shiqi Liu

Alternative Investments
Isha Tripathi

Tax Superannuation and
Estate Planning
Alexandra Crawford

Blockchain Crypto and Big Data
Kai Merriman

Corporate Regulators and Ethics in Finance
Zachary Aman Hazel

Takeovers, Corporate Restructuring and Governance
Angela-May Rullo

Topic in Corporate Finance
Ryan Singleton

Business Lifestyles
Celia Sze Nga Lam

Personal Professional Development
Zaina Fatima
Marguerite Yvonne Potter
William Emanuel Saliba
Alexandra Jane Hinton

Opportunity Assessment
Christian Corbo
Zoe Isabella Sotiropoulos
Max Walker Alfred

Entrepreneurial Foundations and Mindset
Anya Manda Ecimovic
Yajun Liu

Design Thinking: Problems to Practice
Sandali Oveena Widyaratne

Digital Technology Entrepreneurship
Peter Dimitri Moutos

Exploring Innovation
Elena Chiara Piantadosi

Innovation and Creativity
Cameron Coggins

Startup Methodologies
Jack James Burgemeister

Emerging Industry – industrial Hemp and Medicinal Cannabis
Emily Margaret Walsh

Kurt Thoeny
Amelie Parker

Tech eChallenge
James Lim

International Business Environment
Marissa Kha

Corporate Responsibility for Global Business
Carmen Tsui

Introduction to Marketing
Caitlin Gosling

Digital Media in Business
Madeline Jane De Gennaro

Delivering Customer Insights
Madeline Jane De Gennaro

Consumer Behaviour
Madeline Jane De Gennaro

Marketing Analytics
Bao Nhi Le
Drina Ruza Britvic

Marketing Strategy
Rose Evelyn Kanelos

Building & Managing Brands
Phuong Y Nhi Pham

Marketing Planning Project
Vanessa Lia Mercurio

Marketing Communications in a Digital World
Ella Le
Dalestair Ophelia Jayme Kidd
Mahala Truscott

Content Creation and Management
Grace Adel Atta
Mina Dobrijevic

Data Driven Customer Engagement
Luke Angelo Silvestri
Jonathon Sevastidis
Teagan Kathleen Dix

Marketing to the World
Isabella Rochelle Lehmann
Service Design and Marketing
Lauren Lucia Cornish
Bao Nhi Le
Colleen Sien Ning Yong

Contemporary Issues in Marketing
Hayley Skye Riessen

Foundations of Project Management
Thomas Michael Werner

Project Risk Management
Nathan Huy Dang-Huynh

Project Management Methodologies and Concepts
Harrison Alexander Eric Clapham

Leadership in Stakeholder Management
Kaitlin Ru-Yan The
Hasnahena Ananya
Ngan Thi Kim Le

Project Management Professional Practice
Yuqing He
Toby Duperouzel
Gabrielle Cissie Grimwade

PM Research Methods
Jiahao Zheng

Project Management Research Study
Khadija Bakshi

Project Logistics and Supply Chains
Isabel Kate Farmer

Infrastructure & Sustainability
Sean Mombuase Claridge

Adelaide Business School Awards Winners - Law School

Business and Corporations Law
Edith Carr

Income Taxation (M)
Edith Carr

Company and Business Law
Adilah Tasnim
Hannah Gray

Income Tax Law III
Angela-May Rullo

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Adelaide Business School Award Winners – Postgraduate

Ethical Principles in Finance & Accounting
Laura Stewart
Gayan Madusanka Maheepala
Mudali Maheepala Appuhamillage

Research Project in Financial Statement Analysis
Todd Ethan Mark

Financial Statement Analysis
Kai Hei Lee

Auditing & Assurance Services
Yanying Wu

Management Accounting
Shibo Gao

Intermediate Financial Accounting
Yuanyuan Chu
Edith Carr
Thanatcha Somboon

Advanced Financial Accounting
Ipung Efendy

Accounting Essentials for Decision Makers
Wing Yin Yu
Luyang Niu

Accounting Systems & Processes
Edith Carr

Fundamentals of Business Analytics
Ka Hei Lee

Predictive and Visual Analytics
Sakshi Pratik Mahant
Linzhi Li

Customer Analytics
Thanh Binh Ha
Chufan He

Business Analytics Project
Yukun Li

Business Research Methods
Lai Ngor Ng

People and Organisations
Andrew Anthony Mencel
Pakajira Kajornvahart
Louis Michael Angelus

Strategic Management
Amber Kathryn Hall
Jack William Allison

Artificial Intelligence for Business
Yifei Xu

Tax Estate and Wealth Planning
Elliott Paul Viles

Wealth Management in Asia
Yash Sanjeev Mehta

Principles of Finance
Ka Hei Lee
Gayan Madusanka Maheepala
Mudali Maheepala Appuhamillage
Huilin Wang

Advanced Funds Management
Chi Ho Yip
Thanatcha Somboon
Abid Hasan

Aditya Madhusoodan Shenoy

Advanced Corporate Finance
Thi Quynh Chau Nguyen

Quantitative Methods
Huilin Wang

Equity Valuation and Analysis
Gayan Madusanka Maheepala
Mudali Maheepala Appuhamillage
Ka Hei Lee

Fixed Income Securities
Gayan Madusanka Maheepala
Mudali Maheepala Appuhamillage
Yuanyuan Chu

Applied Financial Institutions Management
Oliver Henry Roberts Mitchell

Real Estate Valuation and Investment
Quanyu Liang

Applied Blockchain and Smart Contracts
Ruwangi Thamishara Mahanamahewa

Entrepreneurial Concepts and Mindset
Skarieth Sayyid Ojeda Ahmed

New Venture Creation
Thi Be Vy Nguyen

Social Entrepreneurship
Thi Be Vy Nguyen

Leading New Product Innovation
Benjamin Jai

Navigating Commercialisation Pathways
Qamariyah Nurdin
Yifei Xu

Creativity and Innovation
Paushali Ghosh

Understanding Consumers
Paushali Ghosh

Digital Entrepreneurship
Antony Nicholas Cameron
Skarieth Sayyid Ojeda Ahmed

Daniel Ryan McCallum
Lai Ngor Ng

Tech eChallenge
Andrew Anthony Mencel

Cross-Cultural Management and Negotiation
Zhenfeng Guo

Managing Multinational Corporations
Louis Michael Angelus

Fundamentals of International Business
Shang Yin

Global Business Analysis
Riccardo Binotto

International Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Riccardo Binotto

Analytics for Marketers
Yuhao Zhang

Customer Experience in Services
Yan Ni

Developing Global Markets
Pakajira Kajornvahart

Digital Media & Marketing Communications
Dharini Alexandra Speldewinde

Strategic Brand Management
Dipali Kulshrestha

Marketing Management
Lauren Elizabeth Blake

Risk Assessment and Management
Pragya Tripathi

Project Management Fundamentals
Vishara Sanduni Hewawasam

Project Governance and Contracts
Vanitha Arjunan

Portfolios and Programs Management
Ronaldo Goerandhi Go

Complex Project Management
Ronaldo Goerandhi Go

Project Leadership and Communications
Gabriella Laurencia Liman

Systems Design for Projects
Yeganeh Soltanpour

Enterprise Transformation and Innovation
Meenal Sharma

Project Controls Method
Matthew Steven Wittwer

Projects Management Research Project
Ricky Daniel Gordon

Marketing Wine Business
Imon Sengupta

Growing Domestic and International Wine Markets
Abbey Jane Hants

Direct Wine Marketing and Cellar Door Management
Karlee Renee Cook

Wine Retailing
Georges Thienpont

Wine Tourism
Lydia Pang

Wine Branding
Lydia Pang
Christopher Pigott

Legal Aspects of Wine Business
Ting-Hsuan Yeh

Wine Business Research Project
Lilli Cavill

Donors and Sponsors

The Adelaide Business School acknowledges with thanks the businesses, professions, industry, community groups and individuals for their support:

CPA Australia
Taylor Collison
Hender Consulting
Catapult Wealth
Government of South Australia: Attorney General’s Department

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