MBA Alumni Network Announces New President

The Adelaide Business School MBA Alumni Network is proud to announce the appointment of Gill Duck as its new President.

Portrait of Gill Duck

A distinguished graduate of the University of Adelaide's MBA program in 2013, Gill brings a wealth of experience, leadership, and a passion for simplifying complexities in the South Australian business world.

Gill is not just a seasoned leader, but also a strategic thinker who thrives on making the complex simple. Armed with a Master of Business Administration and a global perspective gained from studying at a Graduate School of Management in Germany, she is known for her ability to design solutions for complex problems. Gill's forte lies in empowering executives to unlock the potential of their teams and execute strategies effectively.

Gill is Director of Duck Pond Solutions, a successful Adelaide-based management consulting firm that empowers individuals, teams, and organisations to navigate the dynamic business landscape effectively. The firm supports organisations to swiftly adapt to shifting industry boundaries, rapidly evolving technologies, and unpredictable changes and disruptions.

Bringing this expertise to her new role as President, Gill's vision for the MBA Alumni Network is clear: to support current students, future business leaders, and alumni in their professional growth. Her commitment aligns seamlessly with her passion for supporting leaders to create environments where success becomes almost inevitable. In her own words,
The MBA Alumni Network has a key role to play in supporting current students and future business leaders and also each other, to continue to grow and leverage the significant professional networks and subject matter experts within the alumni network. Leading this purpose is aligned to my strengths and passion for supporting others to grow.

Gill's journey into business leadership began with her pursuit of a Master of Business Administration, a decision driven by her desire for intellectual challenge and professional growth. Opting for the face-to-face learning offered by the Adelaide Business School’s MBA program, Gill found a perfect match for her goals, fostering professional networks and gaining the intellectual stimulation she sought.

Reflecting on her MBA experience, Gill emphasises the importance of professional networks and the bonds formed during her studies. She believes the MBA Alumni Network offers exclusive opportunities for alumni to reconnect, stay connected to the university environment, and gain a competitive advantage by keeping up with industry trends and leadership and management theory.

Gill's story post-MBA speaks volumes about the program's impact on her career. Progressing from a senior leadership role in the public sector, she ventured into entrepreneurship, founding Duck Pond Solutions, which has thrived for six years. Under her leadership, the firm’s team of experts specialises in strategy, optimising operating models, building united leadership teams, and fostering a one-team organisational culture.

As Gill assumes the presidency, she shares a powerful quote that encapsulates the essence of the MBA Alumni Network:
As MBA Alumni, we uphold the rich tradition of our university, illuminating the path for current MBA students and the next generation of business leaders. Our commitment is a unique opportunity to shape the local, national, and global business landscape and the future success of South Australia.

The Adelaide Business School MBA Alumni Network looks forward to a dynamic and transformative era under Gill Duck's leadership, continuing to foster lifetime learning, connection, and collaboration among its members.

Learn more about the MBA Alumni Network here.

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