Rethinking supply chain management: Using lessons from COVID-19 to bounce forward this Valentine’s Day


Authors: Dr Tracey Dodd and Mr Jurij Polischko

If COVID-19 has taught business anything, it is that life is unpredictable, perhaps even more so than in the living memory of most executives.

COVID-19 has also brought us closer together in some ways, with many organisations, at least within Australia, looking to forge relationships with local suppliers to pre-empt future delays in goods and services as the world comes to terms with significant stock shortages experienced over the past two years.

This shift in supplier relationships is having positive and unintended consequences. Local supply chain relationships can lower scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions, generate employment opportunities, and most importantly prompt businesses to re-think what they purchase and how.

The trend has disrupted business as usual, with Valentine’s Day proving as no exception. This year anecdotal evidence suggests that some florists may choose not to open due lack of supply or exorbitant cost of flowers. So why has this happened? Flowers, particularly roses, are sourced from overseas including the Netherlands, Columbia, and Ecuador and due to crop reductions and shipping constraints caused by the pandemic, supply has been affected.  

If you are a romantic, like us, and would like to maintain the tradition of exchanging flowers this year, you might like to consider local options, such as Gooseberry Hill in South Australia, who grow over 150 types of flowers, all free of chemicals. As owner Dr Geoff Page shares: “Imported flowers are treated with chemicals many times to ensure that no insects come to Australia, which shortens shelf life. Our customers are staggered when they learn that our flowers last up to three weeks”.

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