MBA takes Chief Dietitian from the hospital to corporate leadership

"Doing my MBA at Adelaide Business School was one of the best professional decisions I’ve made. Not only did it help me achieve my career aspirations is gave me the confidence and skills to be a best leader I could. I will always treasure the learning experiences and the people I friended along the way."Yvonne Bowyer


Yvonne Bowyer

Yvonne Bowyer looked for a career change after working as a chief dietitian at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital for 8 years. She wanted to move up to a leadership role within the corporate sector however being a health and science graduate and having worked in the healthcare system for many years, she found it difficult to convince prospective employers of her ability to be a leader in a different industry.

“To help change the way people saw me and of course learn leadership I undertook the Adelaide MBA at the University of Adelaide. For me there was no other place to do this than the University of Adelaide. It’s ranking along with my positive experiences as an undergraduate student left me with no other choice!” She said, “Know where you want to go next! If you don’t know where you’re going how can you expect to get there! This journey involves talking with relevant people and discussing what educational and experience gaps you have. Then developing a plan to get to you there.” She met wonderful people when she studied whom she has been friends with for decades since then.

“My plan worked and it changed everything.” Yvonne received a job offer for a corporate role immediately after obtaining her MBA in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry in Sydney. Now Yvonne returned back to Adelaide with a young family, and she is running her own business by developing a technology to help organisations recruit employees. Recently she had also launched a sister business which provides training and strategy services to workplaces to help employees at all levels recognise and better manage their unconscious biases.

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