Taking the classroom online: how Qingyi Wang is taking charge of her future by starting her Masters degree online

During the pandemic in 2020, marketing student Qingyi Wang started her Masters degree online.

Having graduated from the University of Adelaide with an Accounting degree in 2020, Ms Wang wanted to diversify her business skill set and embrace her creative talents within the marketing discipline.

Fascinated by quantitative decision-making, Ms Wang was initially drawn to the professional vocation of professional accountancy during her undergraduate years.

"Studying accounting can lead you to a clear career in the future, as the accounting department is the core of most enterprises."

However, as she made progress with her degree, Ms Wang became increasingly aware that numbers alone only portray one part of the story; other non-tangible elements were also crucial in a manager's decision-making process.

"I think marketing exists everywhere in people’s livelihoods. Specifically, marketing cultivates good business morality and marketing ethics, and these are necessary for business students to consider"Qingyi Wang

"Nowadays, many enterprises urgently need marketing talents for making them better to compete in the market industry. Therefore, in the future, with my professional background in marketing it can better help me to choose my future life and to contribute to society's development."

In an emerging era of rapid-growth for the services-orientated economies, the role of marketing becomes a much more crucial part in the delivery of high quality customer service in her self-serviced learning journey. This applies directly to her masters degree experience.

"The university website is a very valuable source for me which provides me with various and useful information. Moreover, the website also sets online assistance for students to ask questions and solve problems''

Being a well-rounded business graduate is the main priority for Ms Wang, who actively chose to upskill with a postgraduate degree in Marketing to bolster her chances in securing employment upon graduation. “In the future, I can settle in a senior business administration professional engaged in marketing and management, teaching, scientific research, and other aspects in enterprise and government departments this covers the wide field of graduate employment”.

When working towards her career goals, making the decision to study online with the University of Adelaide or Adelaide Business School was the logical and rational decision.

Already, she was familiar with the 'University of Adelaide' and the transition from undergraduate to postgraduate studies was made easier having that familiarity with the campus experience.

"I had spent three years here, a university built in a quiet and beautiful city; a university with ancient buildings and rich historical charm, and a university complete with advanced learning facilities"

"I will never forget my first visit to this university in 2016, and I will never forget the best time I spent in this university campus in these years" said Ms Wang, reflecting upon her experiences as an undergraduate student in the decision-making process.

"In the University, I not only met many friendly philosophy professors, but also I met the best classmates who worked hard with me. I've learned so much useful and interesting knowledge here, and I've given so much sweat and laughter here.

The process of adapting to online learning has been a highly positive experience for Ms Wang. Having the ease of access to high quality learning tools and a dedicated support services portal, The delivery of online learning services has added value to her marketing degree.

"FortiClient and Zoom are very useful supporting services that the university provides for us, they can help me to simulate the normal study pattern efficiently" She says.

Additionally, she can also acknowledge that there will be some challenges students may face when it comes to navigating the online learning landscape. Her advice is to focus on the positive perspectives, the bigger picture and gently remind her contemporaries of the importance of achieving an education.

"Although some students may resist studying online, there are still many advantages of online study, and trust me that every student can achieve a desirable result if they put in hard effort." she said.

"I would like to tell them to have a positive frame of mind for studying online. Also, being patient and having faith in our university, as the university is always caring and staying with us."

Challenges will be part of the learning process, but a university qualification is forever. That is why Ms Wang is dedicated to completing her studies in marketing. Further, she is looking forward to the prospect of returning to Australian shores when it is safe to do so.

“Firstly, I will go back to my beautiful campus, because I really miss the historic buildings and modern facilities in the campus. Secondly, I am looking forward to face-to-face communication and cooperation with my friendly teachers and students. Finally, I hope I can go back and take part in some interesting and useful school activities, such as internships.”

Visit www.adelaide.edu.au to begin your degree online in Semester 2, 2021.

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