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How to Become Career Ready

To gain your first job, you will need more than just a degree and good results. So how do you become employable while studying at university?

We provide career development through networking events, workshops and industry introductions, to prepare you for your career ahead.

You will have the opportunity to be exposed to people, processes and practices from around the world, through Student Exchange and short term Study Tours as well as internships and work experience.

Career Development

The Business School takes career readiness seriously, providing you with a dedicated Careers Development Manager.

What you learn as part of your degree is vital to your technical abilities, but transferable skills such as teamwork, leadership and communication are high on the list of expectations of employers. We provide you with the ability to identify and develop such skills through a range of activities and workshops.

  • Connecting you to employers and alumni

    We will introduce you to employers and alumni so you can create a network that will help you discover organisations within the industry and jobs.

    You will have the opportunity to experience:

    • Site visits
    • Networking sessions
    • Presentations at careers panels
    • Presentations at lecture spots, or special presentations
    • Involvement in careers fairs and expos

    By getting connected with industry and alumni, you may find mentors, work experience, internships, part time jobs and graduate opportunities.  We create the connections and coach you on how to make the most of your networks.

  • Careers Readiness Workshops

    Our careers readiness workshops will prepare you for the job search, application, recruitment and employment processes in the public and private sectors. The workshops will help you in:

    • Setting realistic expectations
    • Understanding how to be competitive during the process
    • Having an awareness of recruitment processes and timelines
    • Creating different application styles for different sectors

Go Global with Study Abroad

International experiences allow you to develop your cultural awareness and build international networks, both of which will benefit you in your career.

We offer Exchange Programs and Study Tours during your degree. Our Exchange Program allows you to study with exclusive overseas partner institutions for one or two full semesters. It’s important to start thinking about this in your first year of study as each exchange program will need to meet the course requirements of your chosen degree.

We understand that not everyone is in a position to study for a semester overseas, and offer a number of exciting short term study tours to leading overseas universities in France, Belgium, Chile, China and Indonesia. Study Tours are run in summer and winter school and you can receive one to two courses credit.

No matter which option you choose, get ready to reap the rewards. Exchanges to partner universities will not only be a great way to meet new people and create new networks; employers acknowledge that students who go on exchange show independence, commitment and dedication to their studies and an ability to adapt to different situations. Not all courses at your destination university will be taught in English, providing a further challenge and reward for your time spent away.


We coordinate professional work placements through our internship program. Internships give insight into the day-to-day operations of business, and allow you to apply the knowledge and skills you have learnt in a work place setting. There a range of exciting organisations offering internships in your area of study.

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