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Research Seminar Series

The University of Adelaide Business School hosts a series of research seminars that are attended by staff, postgraduate and honours degree students as part of our commitment to research and scholarship development and exchange.

Our subject areas include Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, Information systems, International Business and Commercial Law fields.

We welcome enquiries from interested presenters both from within Australia and visitors from overseas. Enquiries should be made early as the available timeslots are limited.

Come along for networking and discussion at the seminar - a fantastic opportunity for collaboration between industry and academia.

Current Schedules for 2018

Previous Schedules

  • 2017 Marketing & Management
    Marketing & Management
    Month Day Presenter Topic
    02 (Feb) 24 Friday Michael Browne, PhD student, Adelaide Business School, The University of Adelaide

    The Story is in the Bottle: The influence of Socioemotional Wealth on the Business Models of Family Wine Businesses

    03 (Mar) 14 Tuesday Professor Sascha Raithel, Freie University Berlin, Germany

    Product Recalls: The Impact of Timing and Remedy on Customer Behavior and Firm Performance

    03 (Mar) 28 Tuesday Steffen Muxoll Bastholm, Industrial PhD candidate, University of Southern Denmark, Kolding

    Which Capabilities of the Purchasing Function are Needed for Managing Dynamic Business Interaction?

    05 (May) 2 Tuesday Dr Helene Lundberg, Mid Sweden University, Sweden

    A Network Approach to Regional Development: Experiences from Sweden

    07 (Jul)  11 Tuesday Dr Simon McNair, University of Leeds, West Yorkshire, England

    Festive Financial Behaviour: Factors Pertaining to Spending and Borrowing at Christmas Time

    07 (Jul) 17 Monday Sihem Dekhili, Professor in Marketing, EM Strasbourg Business School, France

    (1) The Influence of the Country-of-Origin Ecological Image on Ecolabelled Product Evaluation: An Experimental Approach to the Case of the European Ecolabel and (2) Luxury and Sustainable Development: Is There a Match?

    08 (Aug) 22 Tuesday Daria Plotkina, EM Strasbourg Business School, France

    The Impact of Just-in-Time Financial Information on the Actual and Perceived Quality of Consumers Financial Decisions

    09 (Sep)

    14 Thursday Dr Mike. W. L. Cheung, National University of Singapore

    Extend Your Research with Big-data Procedures

    10 (Oct)

    11 Wednesday Henrike Gruenhagen, University of Kiel, Germany & Associate Professor Roberta Crouch, Adelaide Business School, The University of Adelaide

    Implicit vs Explicit Measures - Exploring the Most Appropriate Methods to Quantify Consumer Attitudes

    10 (Oct)

    25 Wednesday Associate Professor Woonho Kim, Nihon University, Japan

    Communication Capability Formation in a Supply Chain

    11 (Nov) 8 Wednesday Associate Professor Elina Jaakkola, University of Turku, Finland

    Organizational Structures for New Service Development: Insights from Publishing Case-based Research in JPIM

    11 (Nov) 17 Friday at 2pm Professor Virpi Havila, Uppsala Univeristy, Sweden

    Beyond Project Closure: Why Some Business Relationships Recur in Subsequent Projects

    11 (Nov) 20 Monday Associate Professor Nicole Mead, The University of Melbourne

    Improving Self-Control

    11 (Nov) 30 Thursday at 11am Dr Mikael Gidhagen, Uppsala University, Sweden

    Resource Becoming for Value Creation

    11 (Nov) 30 Thursday at 11.45am Prof. Dr. Michael Kleinaltenkamp, Freie University, Berlin

    Soultion Business Readiness - Measurement and Impact on Firm Performance

  • 2017 Accounting & Finance
    Accounting & Finance
    Month Day Presenter Topic
    03 (Mar) 3 Friday Dr Jianfeng Shen, UNSW

    Growth Expectations, Dividend Yields, and Future Stock Returns

    03 (Mar) 10 Friday Dr Jing Yu, UWA

    Buy-order and Sell-order Liquidity Commonality

    03 (Mar) 17 Friday Professor Jarrad Harford, University of Washington

    Analyst Effort Allocation and Firms’ Information Environment

    03 (Mar) 24 Friday Dr Jared Stanfield, UNSW

    Does government spending crowd out R&D investment? Evidence from government-dependent firms and their peers

    03 (Mar) 24 Friday @ 2pm Professor John Bizjak, Texas Christian University

    Performance Contingencies in CEO Equity Awards and Debt Contracting

    03 (Mar) 31 Friday Dr Christo Karuna, Monash University

    Product market rivalry and strategic disclosure

    04 (Apr) 21 Friday Professor Jerry Parwada, UNSW

    The Value of Institutional Brokerage Relationships: Evidence From The Collapse of Lehman Brothers

    04 (Apr)

    27 Thursday 2.30pm @ 10.01

    Dr Cheng Zhang, VUW

    Market Completeness, Liquidity and Asset Prices

    04 (Apr)

    28 Friday 5.00pm @ 13.01

    Professor Peter Bossaerts, The University of Melbourne

    Neural Mechanisms Behind Identification of Leptokurtic Noise and Adaptive Behavioral Response

    05 (May) 2 Tuesday Professor Allaudeen Hameed, National University of Singapore

    Dividend Clientele and Return Comovement

    05 (May) 5 Friday Dr Jordan Neyland, The University of Melbourne

    Star-crossed: The Dark Side of Star Analysts in Acquisitions

    05 (May) 11 Thursday Dr Huu Nhan Duong, Monash University

    Does Exposure to Foreign Competition Affect Stock Liquidity? Evidence from Industry-Level Import Data

    05 (May) 12 Friday Dr Wei Opie, Deakin University

    Can corporate pyramids restrain overinvestment? Evidence from Chinese state-owned enterprises

    05 (May) 26 Friday Professor Stephen Zeff, Rice University

    The Benefit of Interviewing in Accounting Research

    06 (Jun) 9 Friday @ BankSA Professor Avanidhar Subrahmanyam, UCLA

    Asset Pricing When Trading is Entertainment

    06 (Jun) 23 Friday Assistant Professor Andrey Golubov, UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO

    Do firms actively cater to dividend clienteles? Evidence from merger-induced changes in shareholder structure

    06 (Jun) 29 Thursday Professor Robert Knechel, University of Florida

    Brain Drain or Survival of the Fittest: Determinants and Consequences of Auditors’ Leaving Public Accounting

    07 (Jul) 7 Friday Professor Karla Johnstone, University of Wisconsin

    Audit Committee Members’ Social Identities and Corporate Governance Roles: Evidence from Qualitative Field Interviews

    07 (Jul) 12 Wednesday Professor David Yermack, NYU

    Ambiguity and The Tradeoff Theory of Capital Structure

    07 (Jul) 14 Friday Dr Jonathan Jona, The University of Melbourne 

    Liability of Foreignness in Global Stock Markets: Liquidity Dynamics of Foreign IPOs in the US

    08 (Aug) 4 Friday Dr Kelvin Tan, UQ

    Labor Unions and Strategic Corporate Governance: Destructive Dissidence and Quiet Lives

    08 (Aug) 7 Monday Professor Patrick Roger, University of Strasbourg

    Another law of small numbers: patterns of trading prices in experimental markets & Behavioral biases in number processing: Evidence from analysts' expectations

    08 (Aug) 11 Friday Associate Professor Joakim Westerholm, The University of Sydney

    How are Investor Trading Activity and Performance Affected by Major Lifecycle Events? The Case of Divorce

    09 (Sep) 15 Friday Dr Stefan Schantl, The University of Melbourne

    Optimal Internal Control Regulation

    09 (Sep) 22 Friday Associate Professor Brian Miller, Indiana University

    Bad Role Models: Corporate Fraud and Neighborhood Crime

    09 (Sep) 29 Friday Associate Professor Huasheng Gao, Nanyang Technological University

    P-hacking in Experimental Accounting Research

    10 (Oct) 4 Wednesday Professor Takeshi Yamada, ANU

    Crash Risk Premium in Momentum Portfolio Returns: US and International Evidence

    10 (Oct) 6 Friday Ms Jing Xu, UNSW

    The gender gap in executive promotions

    10 (Oct) 13 Friday Professor Petko Kalev, LA TROBE University

    Information Content of the Limit Order Book for Crude Oil Futures

    10 (Oct) 20 Friday Professor Bart Frijns, AUCKLAND UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY

    Time-Varying Arbitrage and Dynamic Price Discovery

    11 (Nov) 3 Friday Professor Nadia Massoud, The University of Melbourne

    Do Politically Connected Firms Create value for Shareholders?

    11 (Nov) 10 Friday Professor Ron Masulis, UNSW

    How Valuable Are Independent Directors? Evidence from External Distractions

    11 (Nov) 17 Friday Dr Le Zhang, UNSW

    Monitoring the Monitor: Distracted Institutional Investors and Board Governance

    11 (Nov) 24 Friday Dr Elisabeth Sinnewe, QUT


    12 (Dec) 1 Friday Professor Ken Trotman, UNSW

    Audit Committee Chairs and the Pursuit of Comfort: A Field Study

  • 2016 Marketing & Management
    Marketing & Management
    Month Day Presenter Topic
    02 (Feb) 1 Monday Associate Professor Kristin Munksgaard, University of Southern, Denmark

    Turning the Coin: Creating Space for Supplier Driven Innovation

    02 (Feb) 24 Wednesday Professor Paul Coyle

    The Entrepreneurial Mindset - What Is It, Why Would We Want It and How Do We Get It?

    03 (March) 18 Friday Dr Tim Hasso, Leuphana University of Luneburg, Germany and Adjunct Research Fellow, Adelaide Business School

    Family Governance and Performance: Exploring the Effects of Family Functioning and Competitive Advantage in Family Enterprises

    04 (April) 5 Tuesday Dr Deb Shepherd, The University of Auckland, New Zealand

    Internationalisation of Entrepreneurial Family SMEs: Multiple and Competing Logics

    04 (April) 15 Friday Julia Fehrer, The University of Auckland, New Zealand and The University of Bayreuth, Germany

    Engagement Patterns - Bridging Service-Dominant Logic and Platform Business Models

    05 (May) 17 Tuesday Sarai Lokkegaard,  Aalborg University, Denmark

    Exchanging Knowledge Between Universities and Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

    05 (May) 20 Friday Professor Karen Nelson-Field, CEO of Media Intelligence Co.

    Introducing Professor Karen Nelson-Field....Her Work to Date and Her Future with Artificial Intelligence

    08 (August) 4 Thursday Emeritus Professor Don Sciglimpaglia, San Diego State University

    The Role of the University Business Consulting Program and How it Aids Academic Research

    08 (August) 15 Monday Professor. Dr. Todd Davey and Dr Victoria Galan-Muros, University of Applied Sciences Munster The Collaboration Between Government-Business and Universities for Innovation and Competitiveness
    09 (September) 1 Thursday Professor Roberta Crouch, ESC Dijon School of Wine and Spirits, France For Love of Country: How Origin Related Affect Influences Consumers Wine Evaluations and Preferences
    09 (September) 8 Thursday Dr Nam Nguyen, Hon. Visiting Research Fellow, Adelaide Business School and Director (Australia SE Asia) Malik, Switzerland An Introduction to Malik Management Systems
    10 (October) 13 Thursday William Newell, Aarhus University, Denmark Emergent Versus Planned Supplier Segmentation in the Retail Sector
  • 2016 Accounting & Finance
    Accounting & Finance
    Month Day Presenter Topic
    03 (Mar) 3 Thursday Dr Alminas Zaldokas, HKUST The Informational Value of Patents in Banking Relationships
    03 (Mar) 4 Friday Dr Peter Vassallo, UNSW A Cash Flow Perspective on Auditor Conservatism
    03 (Mar) 18 Friday Dr Sandip Dhole, The University of Melbourne Business Group Affiliation and Earnings Quality
    04 (Apr) 1 Friday >Associate Professor VG Sridharan, Deakin University Assessing the Fit between the Formalisation and Use of Eco-controls: An Empirical Analysis
    04 (Apr) 8 Friday Ms Thi Mai Lan Nguyen, The University of Adelaide The Determinants of Financial Analysts’ Performance: Analyses using Quasi-Natural Experiments
    04 (Apr) 22 Friday Professor Stephen Taylor, UTS Unexpected Audit Fees and Accounting Quality
    04 (Apr) 29 Friday Professor Jun-Koo Kang, NTU Geographic Concentration of Institutions, Corporate Governance, and Firm Value
    05 (May) 6 Friday, SANTOS Lecture Theatre Mr Angus Thomson and Dr Eric Lee, AASB AASB research opportunities / IFRS adoption review
    05 (May) 13 Friday Associate Professor Vikash Ramiah, UniSA Behavioural Biases of Australian Financial Planners
    05 (May) 27 Friday Dr Ivan Obaydin, Flinders University Antitakeover provisions, management attitude and the market for corporate control
    06 (Jun) 3 Friday Dr Qiaoqiao Zhu, ANU Work Experience and Managerial Performance: Evidence from Mutual Fund Mangers
    06 (Jun) 10 Friday Associate Professor Jianxin Wang, UTS Conditional Volatility Persistence
    06 (Jun) 7 Tuesday Professor Vidhan Goyal, HKUST Capital Market Access and Cash Flow Allocation during the Financial Crisis
    07 (Jul) 8 Friday, 2.00-3.30pm Professor Avanidhar Subrahmanyam (Subra), UCLA Anderson School of Management Financial Market Equilibrium When Information is Asymmetric and Stock Ownership is a Consumption Good
    07 (Jul) 11 Monday, 2.00-3.30pm Professor Dorothea Greiling, Johannes Kepler University Linz Sustainability reporting in Austria, Germany and Switzerland - A cross sectoral comparison
    07 (Jul) 11 Monday Professor Duane Stock, The University of Oklahoma Benefits of Government Debt Guarantees: Evidence from the Debt Guarantee Program
    07 (Jul) 12 Tuesday Professor David Denis, University of Pittsburgh Unraveling the Mystery of Zero-Leverage Firms
    08 (Aug) 19 Friday Professor Sue Newberry, The University of Sydney Understanding Complexities in International Accounting Standard Setting: Agenda Entrance and the Case of IFRS for SMEs
    08 (Aug) 26 Friday, 2.00-3.30pm Dr Chloe C. Y. Ho, Queensland University of Technology Private Placements, Wealth Transfers and Tokenism Towards Retail Shareholders
    08 (Aug) 26 Friday Professor David Yermack, NYU Corporate Governance and Blockchains
    09 (Sep) 2 Friday Dr Phong Ngo, ANU Local bank access, financial flexibility and corporate liquidity management
    09 (Sep) 9 Friday Professor Naomi Soderstro, The University of Melbourne Career Concerns and “Unpaid” Executives
    09 (Sep) 16 Friday Dr Lixiong Guo, UNSW Independent Directors with Forced CEO Turnover Experience: Subsequent Turnover Decisions and Labor Market Outcomes
    10 (Oct) 7 Friday Professor Takeshi Yamada, ANU Employee Inside Debt and Firm Risk-Taking: Evidence from Employee Deposit Programs in Japan
    10 (Oct) 14 Friday Professor Peter Easton, University of Notre Dame Mixing Fair-Value and Historical-Cost Accounting: Predictable OCI and Mispricing of Bank Stocks
    10 (Oct) 21 Friday Mr Richard Kent, UQ Predicting Operating Cash Flows and Earnings using the Direct Method Compared to the Indirect Method Statement of Cash Flows
    10 (Oct) 28 Friday Professor Matthew Pinnuck, The University of Melbourne Restatement of CSR Reports: Frequency, Magnitude and Determinants
    11 (Nov) 8 Tuesday, 2.00-3.30pm Dr Jared Stanfield, UNSW Is anti-corruption regulation necessarily a recipe for economic efficiency?
    11 (Nov) 11 Friday Associate Professor Stephen Hillegeist, Arizona State University Insider Trading and Post-Earnings Announcement Drift
    11 (Nov) 16 Wednesday Professor Tom Smith and Dr Martina Linnenluecke, UQ Environmental Accounting and Finance
    11 (Nov) 18 Friday Associate Professor Jennifer Wu Tucker, University of Florida Earnings Announcement Clustering and Analyst Forecast Behavior
    11 (Nov) 25 Friday Dr Edward Podolski, Deakin University In the mood for creativity: Weather-induced mood, inventor productivity, and firm value
  • 2015 Marketing & Management
    Marketing & Management
    Month Day Presenter Topic
    02 (Feb) 20 Friday Professor Poul Houman Andersen, Aalborg University, Denmark

    Industrial branching - a paper based on data from the wind turbine industry. Network studies and framing.

    02 (Feb) 27 Friday Professor Alf Westelius, Linkoping University, Sweden Entrepreneurial Lego: How the Internet has Created Business Building Blocks.
    03 (Mar) 4 Wednesday Professor Ulrich Orth, Christian-Albrechts-University, Kiel

    Wishful Seeing: The Role of Brand Visuals and Social Connection in Brand Liking.

    04 (Apr) 15 Wednesday Professor Rod Brodie, University of Auckland, New Zealand Collaborative Workshop: Engaging in Joint Innovation
    04 (Apr) 16 Thursday Ilias Danatzis, Free University, Berlin

    Resource Integration Readiness: Conceptualizing Human Co-creation Conditions in Service Ecosystems and Research Implications.

    04 (Apr) 24 Friday Professor Virpi Havila & Dr Mikael Gidhagen, Uppsala University, Sweden and Dr Chris Medlin, Adelaide Business School

    Activating Dormant Resources: Two Cases of Business Reconfiguring.

    06 (Jun) 15 Monday Associate Professor Francois Carrillat, University of Technology, Sydney &Associate Professor Daniel Ladik, Seton Hall University, South Orange, New Jersey

    What is a Scholarly Contribution?

    06 (Jun) 17 Wednesday Associate Professor Sebastien Bede, EM Strasbourg Business School, France Wine Routes at the Wineries' Rescue!
    07 (Jul) 23 Thursday Rebecca Dolan (1)& Xiayou Chen (2), Adelaide Business School PhD Completion Seminars: Social Media Engagement Behaviour: A Uses and Gratifications Perspective (1) & The Impact of Cellar Door Experience on Visitors' Loyalty Intentions (2)
    08 (Aug)

    6 Thursday

    Assistant Professor Damien Arthur & Assistant Professor Claire Sherman, Zayed University, United Arab Emirates The Fashion Attitudes of Emirati Women: From Traditional and Conservative to Western and Revealing
    08 (Aug) 19 Wed - 21 Friday Philip Holmes-Smith, School Research Evaluation & Measurement Services

    Advanced Structural Eqaution Modelling.

    10 (Oct) 15 Thursday Professor Pete Naude, The University of Manchester

    Making the 'Qualitative' in Fuzzy Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis Work: The Example of Relational Attractiveness of the Customer

    11 (Nov) 3 Tuesday Associate Professor Julia Richardson, York University, Toronto

    Qualitative Methods Seminar

    11 (Nov) 19 Thursday Dr Shu-Ching Chen, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan (1) & Professor Jan-Ake Tornroos, Abo Akademi University, Finland and Dr Chris Medlin, Adelaide Business School (2)

    Value Branding in Higher Education: A Preliminary Study in Japan (1) & Interacting for Legitimacy: A Dynamic Perspective on Institutionalization in Business Networks (2)

    11 (Nov) 25 Wednesday Professor Jan-Ake Tornroos, Abo Akademi University, Finland and Dr Chris Medlin, Adelaide Business School

    Undertaking Longitudinal Case Study Research

    11 (Nov) 26 Thursday Dr Yuwei Jiang, Assistant Professor of Marketing Hong Kong Polytechnic University (1) & Professor Michael Kleinaltenkamp, Free University, Berlin (2)

    Social Exclusion and Consumer Switching Behaviour: A Control Restoration Mechanism (1) & How Business Solutions Create Value: Insights from an Industrial Maintenance Context (2)

  • 2015 Accounting & Finance
    Accounting & Finance
    Month Day Presenter Topic
    05 (May) 1 Friday Associate Professor Brad Potter, The University of Melbourne Financial Reporting Choices by Incorporated Associations in Australia
    02 (Feb) 20 Friday @ SANTOS Lecture Theatre (Marjoribanks 126) Dr Limin Xu, Xiamen University Supplier-Customer Relationships and Corporate Hedging Policy
    03 (Mar) 13 Friday Dr Le Zhang, University of New South Wales Who Captures the Power of the Pen?
    03 (Mar) 20 Friday Professor Ferdinand Gul, Monash University Political Institutions, Stock Market Liquidity and Firm Dividend Policy
    03 (Mar) 27 Friday @ room 6.01 Associate Professor Jason Zein, University of New South Wales Internal Capital Markets in Family Business Groups During the Global Financial Crisis
    04 (Apr) 10 Friday Dr Gennaro Bernile, Singapore Management University What doesn’t kill you will only make you more risk-loving: Early-life disasters and CEO behavior
    04 (Apr) 10 Friday @ room 9.01 Dr Kaiying Ji, The University of Sydney Capital Expenditure and its Impact on Future Profitability: An Empirical Study of Australian Firms
    04 (Apr) 17 Friday Dr Jared Stanfield, University of New South Wales Budget cycles, R&D investment and crowding out: Government dependent firms and their rivals
    04 (Apr) 24 Friday Associate Professor Eliza Wu, University of Technology Sydney The effects of sovereign ratings-contingent financial regulation on international bank lending behaviour: Evidence from the Basel 2 Accord
    05 (May) 8 Friday Associate Professor Peter Pham, University of New South Wales Does Internal Capital Facilitate Access to External Financing? Evidence from IPOs by Family Business Groups
    05 (May) 11 Monday Dr Jay Cao, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Alliances and Return Predictability
    05 (May) 22 Friday Dr Chander Shekhar, The University of Melbourne How Are Distressed Firms Sold? Evidence from Termination Fees
    06 (Jun) 5 Friday Ms Van Vu, Monash University Loan Credit Cycles and Borrower Characteristics
    06 (Jun) 26 Friday Professor Peter Easton, University of Notre Dame Accounting for Growth: Differential Reporting of Generated vs. Contributed Change in Enterprise Value
    07 (Jul) 13 Monday Professor David Yermack, New York University Donor Governance and Financial Management in Prominent U.S. Art Museums
    07 (Jul) 31 Friday Mr Jan Svanberg, Mid Sweden University Auditing the Charismatic: Does Charismatic Client Leadership Constrain Auditors' Objectivity?
    08 (Aug) 14 Friday Associate Professor Cameron Truong, Monash University Earnings Announcement Idiosyncratic Volatility and the Cross-section of Stock Returns
    08 (Aug) 21 Friday Professor Talis Putnins, University of Technology, Sydney Volatility After-Effects: Evidence from the Field
    08 (Aug) 21 Friday >Professor Jarrad Harford, University of Washington, Seattle The Real Effects of Uncertainty on Merger Activity
    08 (Aug) 24 Monday Professor Ohad Kadan, Washington University in St. Louis A Bound on Expected Stock Returns
    09 (Sep) 4 Friday Dr Thomas Ruf, University of New South Wales When pessimism doesn't pay off: Determinants and implications of stock recalls in the short selling market
    09 (Sep) 25 Friday Professor Zoltan Matolcsy, University of Technology Sydney Who joins a sinking ship? Some evidence on the market reaction and characteristics of independent directors who join fraudulent firms
    09 (Sep) 28 Monday Professor Michael Bromwich, The London School of Economics and Political Science Fair Value Accounting: A Comparative Example of Different Accounting Systems
    10 (Oct) 16 Friday Professor Greg Clinch, The University of Melbourne Short selling and firms’ disclosure of bad news: Evidence from Regulation SHO
    10 (Oct) 23 Friday Associate Professor Carolyn Cordery, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand Government outsourcing and risk-sharing: rhetoric or reality?
    10 (Oct) 29 Thursday Professor Anne Lillis, Melbourne University TBA
    11 (Nov) 6 Friday Dr Ding Ding, The Australian National University Belief Dispersion and Investment Composition
    11 (Nov) 10 Tuesday Professor John Turner, Queen's University Belfast Shareholder Protection in an Unregulated Market
    11 (Nov) 13 Friday Associate Professor Richard Morris, University of New South Wales TBA
    10 (Oct) 30 Friday @ Bank SA Room Professor Karla Johnstone, University of Wisconsin-Madison Information Sharing During Auditors’ Fraud Brainstorming: Effects of Psychological Safety and Auditor Experience
    11 (Nov) 20 Friday Dr Shahriah Abuzafar, Monash University Empowering Women is Smart Banking: Exposure to Intimate Partner Violence and Loan Repayment Decision in Microcredit
    11 (Nov) 27 Friday Professor Elizabeth Carson, University of New South Wales Behind the Transparency Report: Examining the Influence of the Partner Remuneration Schemes on Audit Quality
  • 2014 Marketing & Management
    Marketing & Management
    Month Day Presenter Topic
    01 (Jan) 30 Thursday Dr Roberta Crouch The University of Adelaide The Power of Some: Using Consumer Engagement to Spark and Increase Brand Attachment (The case of wine)
    02 (Feb) 14 Friday Associate Professor Susan Freeman The University of Adelaide Research Streams used in International Business as a Framework for Building Theory
    02 (Feb) 21 Friday Professor Ulrich Orth Adjunct UniSA Contextual Effects of Visual Complexity: A Processing Fluency Perspective
    02 (Feb) 28 Friday Yu Chen, MPhil Candidate, International Business Research Group, The University of Adelaide Business School Exploration and development of transnational linkages by immigrant entrepreneurs
    03 (Mar) 07 Friday Limin Fu, PhD Candidate, International Business Research Group, The University of Adelaide Business School Two Faced CSR: Why are Firms Socially Inconsistent?
    03 (Mar) 14 Friday Kristin Hah, PhD Candidate, International Business Research Group, The University of Adelaide Business School Asian Emerging Market Multinational Enterprises (Asian EM MNEs) and their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – a Host Country Perspective
    03 (Mar) 28
    Dr Dirk Boehe, The University of Adelaide Do Competitors affect export market choices?
    04 (Apr) 02 Wednesday Professor Patrick Dawson University of Aberdeen Forum: Organisations as Social Systems: Success through Human-Centric Management
    04 (Apr) 04 Friday, 3pm Nurul Efifi Mohamad Ngasri, PhD Candidate, International Business Discipline, The University of Adelaide Network Reconfiguration in Post Foreign Market Entry of Internationalising Emerging Market SMEs
    04 (Apr) 11 Friday Thich Nguyen Van, PhD Candidate, Management, The University of Adelaide The role of supply chain management to increase the competitive advantages of Vietnamese coffee products: A systems thinking approach
    04 (Apr) 22 Tuesday Professor Tamer Cavusgil, Georgia State University USA International Business Doctoral Colloquium (by invitation only)
    04 (Apr) 23 Wednesday Professor Tamer Cavusgil, Georgia State University International Business Research Symposium
    04 (Apr) 24 Thursday Professor Tamer Cavusgil, Georgia State University Advanced Paper Writing Workshop
    (by invitation only)
    06 (Jun) 13 Friday, 10am Nurul Efifi Mohamad Ngasri, PhD Candidate, International Business Research Group, The University of Adelaide Entrepreneurial network reconfiguration post-entry by internationalising emerging market SMEs
    06 (Jun) 30 Monday 11am Tuan Ha, PhD Candidate - Systems Design and Complexity Management, The University of Adelaide Applying the Evolutionary Learning Lab approach to improve the quality of life of Vietnamese women in small-scale agriculture
    07 (Jul) 10/11 Thursday/Friday Professor Rod Brodie, The University of Auckland Business School,
    Dr Jodie Conduit, The University of Adelaide; and
    Dr Linda Hollebeek, The University of Waikato
    Customer Engagement and Interactivity Workshop (by invitation only)
    07 (Jul) 18 Friday, 10am Yu Chen, MPhil Candidate International Business Research Group, The University of Adelaide The development of transnational activities by immigrant entrepreneurs
    08 (Aug) 08 Friday, 10am Frank Nyamrunda, PhD Candidate. International Business Research Group, The University of Adelaide The simultaneous impact of trust and distrust in SME export-import business relationships: A transition economy perspective
    08 (Aug) 20 Wednesday, 9.15am Professor Denise Kenyon-Rouvinez from IMD Business School Switzerland. Guest of the Family Business Education and Research Group (FBERG) Specificity of family business research at IMD, new research perspectives and a closer look at the value of family branding.
    08 (Aug) 29 Friday, 10am Geraldine Tan, Honours candidate, International Business Discipline, Adelaide Business School Ensuring International Competitiveness for Emerging Multinational Companies:
    A Linkage, Leverage and Learning Framework
    08 (Aug) 29 Friday, 4.45pm Professor Eric Milliot, University of Poitiers, France
    (Video conference)
    Case study as a research method in International Business and International Management
    09 (Sept) Tuesday 30  9.30- 3.30 Professor Sylvie Chetty, University of Otago International Business Doctoral Colloquium
    10 (Oct) Friday 3 10am -3pm Professor Sylvie Chetty, University of Otago Advanced Paper Writing Workshop  (by invitation only)
    11 (Nov) Friday 14 11am Jan Hermes, The University of Oulu, Finland Legitimizing Peace-builders: Institutional Entrepreneurship in Humanitarian Crisis Regions
    11 (Nov) Friday 28 11am Dr Nam Nguyen, Research Fellow,Systems Design and Complexity Management, The University of Adelaide The Art of Interconnected Thinking: Starting with the Young
  • 2014 Accounting & Finance
    Accounting & Finance
    Month Day Presenter Topic
    02 (Feb) 21 Friday Nicole Moschakis, PhD Candidate, University of Adelaide School of Accounting and Finance The impact of the Australian not-for-profit regulatory reforms on the reporting practices of charities
    02 (Feb) 21 Friday Kimberley Tseu, PhD Candidate, University of Adelaide School of Accounting and Finance The impact of statutory audit in earnings management: A cross-country analysis
    03 (Mar) 14 Friday Professor Chandrasekhar Krishnamurti, University of Southern Queensland Corruption Risk in the Defence Industry Around the World: Country Level and Firm Level Antecedents
    03 (Mar) 28 Friday Dr KiHoon Jimmy Hong, University of Technology, Sydney Can Technical Analysis be used to Enhance Accounting Information based Fundamental Analysis in Explaining Expected Stock Price Movements?
    04 (Apr) 08 Tuesday Phoebe Lake, PhD Candidate, University of Adelaide School of Accounting and Finance The effects of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Australia
    04 (Apr) 08 Tuesday Emon Chen, PhD Candidate, University of Adelaide School of Accounting and Finance Carbon Emission Allowances, Carbon Risk Management and Stock Market Effects
    05 (May) 02 Friday Dr John Dumay Macquarie University Academic writing presentation and workshop
    05 (May) 09 Friday Dr Indrit Troshani, The University of Adelaide An Empirical Examination of the Impact of XBRL on Audit Fees: A Cross-Country Comparison of the US and Japan
    05 (May) 23 Friday Dr Phong Ngo, ANU Harnessing media attention: Corporate press releases and media coverage around earnings announcements
    05 (May) 30 Friday Associate Professor Kai Riemer The University of Sydney Place-Making: Rethinking Technology Adoption in the Face of Disruptive Technology
    06 (Jun) 13 Friday Dr Jyotirmoy Podder, Torrens University Australia Political Ideology of the Government and the Performance of Microfinance Institutions
    06 (Jun) 16 Monday Dr Shams Pathan, The University of Queensland Do busy and overlap directors relate to CEO pay
    07 (Jul) 25 Friday Miss Elizabeth Ooi, Monash University Super connected directors: An examination of pension funds
    09 (Sep) 05 Friday Professor Peter Carey, Deakin University Detecting Within-Firm Fraud: The Role of the Anonymous Reporting Channel
    10 (Oct) 03 Friday Professor David Reeb, National University of Singapore Family Ownership and Financial Misconduct
    10 (Oct) 10 Friday Professor Helen Irvine, Queensland University of Technology Establishing Legitimacy in Regulatory Space: The Rise and Fall of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission
    08 (Aug) 01 Friday 2:30pm Dr Robyn Davidson, in conjunction with Pearson Education My Writing Lab
    08 (Aug) 14 Thursday 1pm Professor Shih-Cheng (Leo) Lee, Yuan Ze University Countercyclical Capital Buffer Options
    10 (Oct) 10 Friday Dr Kevin Tan, The University of Queensland The Labor-Leverage Relation: New Firm-Level Evidence and a Quasi-Natural Experiment
    10 (Oct) 17 Friday Professor Ohad Kadan, Washington University Speculating on Private Information: Buy the Rumor, Sell the News
    10 (Oct) 23 Thursday 10:30am Professor Robert Faff, The University of Queensland Pitching Research
    08 (Aug) 15 Friday Dr Adrian Lee, University of Technology, Sydney The Influence of Individual Investors on Ex-Dividend Day Returns
    08 (Aug) 22 Friday Dr Maggie Hu, UNSW Industry Competition and Bank Lines of Credit
    08 (Aug) 29 Friday 3:30pm Professor Matthias Muck, University of Bamberg International portfolio choice when correlations are stochastic
    11 (Nov) 7 Friday Dr Marco Navone, University of Technology, Sydney Why do Financial Analysts strive to be irrelevant? Career concerns and endogenous coverage termination
    10 (Oct) 31 Friday @ Bank SA Teaching Room Dr Max Baker and Associate Professor Jane Andrew, The University of Sydney Accountability as Ideology: The Case of Wikileaks
    09 (Sep) 12 Friday Professor Ben Marshall, Massey University Stock Market Predictability and Industrial Metal Returns
    11 (Nov) 14 Friday Dr Mark Humphery-Jenner, UNSW Why do executives commit 'fraud on the market'? Executive overconfidence and securities class actions
    12 (Dec) 8 Monday Professor Ted Mock, University of California, Riverside Audit and Assurance Research and Publication
    11 (Nov) 21 Friday Professor Vidhan Goyal, HKUST Provision of Management Incentives in Bankrupt Firms



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