People, Technology and Change

The People, Technology and Change research cluster encompasses a broad range of business disciplines and promotes research focused on people (customers, employees, communities), their use of emerging technologies, and how they affect and are affected by change.

Our research cluster has core expertise in the areas of Family Business, Wine Business, Human Aspects of Technology, Social Innovation and Organisational Change.

This includes research in areas as diverse as customer engagement, digital media, innovation adoption, creativity, organizational sustainability, social/international entrepreneurship, employability, organizational change, information management and cyber security, volunteering, business relationships and networks, consumer financial decision-making, and service employee behaviors. This research is published in leading marketing, management and international business journals. 

The aim of the research cluster is to collaborate with industry partners to conduct projects at the forefront of academic thought and business practice. We engage with industry associations, government departments, not-for-profit organisations, corporate entities, and small/family businesses to address complex business challenges using the latest methodologies and academic theories. Our engagement activities include collaborative research, end-user reports, workshops, presentations and more.

The Adelaide Business School also hosts a series of research seminars that are attended by staff, postgraduate and honours degree students as part of our commitment to research and scholarship development and exchange. 

Research seminar series

Key contact

Associate Professor Jodie Conduit