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COVID-19 Update: Online Short Courses

Executive Education team remains dedicated to providing you with dynamic professional development solutions. Discover our new platform promoting online, ‘bite-size’, and continuous learning.

Online Learning

Enhance your leadership skills, build management capabilities and join an extensive network of professionals in our short courses and programs. 

Business meeting

What to expect?

  • Two-to-five day short courses.
  • Small class setting designed for exclusive networking opportunities.
  • Expert presenters with various industry experience.
  • Great location in Adelaide's CBD.
  • Full catering and materials provided on the day.
  • Receive a certificate of completion.

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Our comprehensive programs are designed for individuals at all levels, providing you with the right combination of skills, capabilities, and insights to effectively manage an organisation.

Accelerated Leader Program

For emerging leaders

Becoming a successful leader requires a deep understanding of yourself, your team, and your organisation. Discover key insights and tools to set yourself up for successful and effective leadership.

Professional Management Program

For middle to senior managers

Develops the core, cross-functional skills in leadership, finance, management and strategic thinking essential for today's leaders. Credit available into the Adelaide MBA.

Foundations of Transformative Leadership Program

For middle to senior managers

Gain a strong foundation in the dynamics of complexity and leadership. Learn the key skills and competencies needed to enhance your leadership.

Transformative Leadership Program

For senior leaders and high performing executives

A joint program delivered with the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin. Collaborate with executives in similar leadership roles from the US. Transform your thinking with new perspectives for addressing increasingly complex issues.

Defence Industry Leadership

Be a major player in the industry by developing your leadership and collaboration skills.

Family Business

Comprehensive and accelerated accreditation as a family business advisor.

Human Services: Managers

Prepare for the changes by developing your people management skills and a costomer-focused mindset.

Human Services: C-Suite

Transition your organisation during the period of change.

Coding Boot Camp

Become a web developer in 24 weeks.

Short courses 

Our short courses and programs immerse you in current business and leadership methodologies and provide actionable skills you can implement immediately and over the long term. We fill critical knowledge and assist in developing your skills in:

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