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Courses and Programs for Organisations

Organisations of various sizes and across industries have partnered with Executive Education to help with developing their leaders as well as facilitating organisational transformation.

Work with our expert team to create a customised program for your organisation. We will develop a solution to address your specific needs, challenges and opportunities.

Our comprehensive suite of programs and courses are available for individuals or teams you wish to develop, these can all be customised for your needs.

We also offer a range of industry specific courses.

Our courses and programs

Our Comprehensive Executive Programs as well as our full range of High Impact Courses are available for individuals or teams you wish to develop. We have programs suitable for emerging leaders through to senior executives. These can also be tailored for your organisation. Let us help find the right solution for your needs.

Comprehensive executive programs High impact short courses
  • Accelerated Leader Program
  • Professional Management Program
  • Advanced Executive Program
  • Transformative Leadership Program
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Strategy
  • Operations
  • Performance improvement

Industry specific courses

  • Family Business
  • Wine Business Courses 
  • Law Courses (coming soon)
  • Customised Options

    The Executive Education delivered a series of high-quality and stimulating leadership workshops. Members of the SA Health Young Professionals Group provided overwhelmingly positive feedback on David Pender's interactive teaching style and his knowledge and experience in the field. The workshops were relevant to young professionals and afforded practical leadership strategies for implementation into the workplace.
    Joseph Orlando
    SA Health Young Professionals Group Steering Committee
  • Professional Management Program

    The PMP (Professional Management Program) provides great returns for small business with immediate benefits seen from the workplace assignments. Not only did I gain professional skills & confidence as a manager but the Howden Printing workplace gained experience working with the tools and real problems l were analysed and resolved.
    Sarah Leo, Customer Service & Administration Manager
    Howden Printing Pty Ltd
  • Professional Management Program

    What people do is not nearly as important as what they become. Sarah's path of self-discovery through PMP released the considerable potential we saw in her and her final work-based project will return excellent financials and help secure our future
    Keith Kemp, Joint Managing Director
    Howden Printing Pty Ltd

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