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Courses and Programs

With a choice of comprehensive executive programs,  high impact short courses and industry specific courses (such as Family Business and Wine Business), we arm you with a complete toolkit to manage organisational challenges today and in the future. Our courses and programs are designed to enhance your leadership skills and build management capabilities, and we partner with organisations to customise our offering for your needs.   

Comprehensive executive programs   High impact short courses   Industry specific courses

Comprehensive executive programs

Leaders and executives at all levels need the right combination of skills, capabilities, and insights to effectively manage their organisation. Designed for individuals at all levels, our suite of Comprehensive Leadership and Management Programs offer lifelong professional learning. With a whole-of-business approach, these programs deliver what organisations need most: innovative leaders who can improve organisational performance and deliver key corporate objectives.

Accelerated Leader Program (ALP)

New program for emerging leaders

Transform your leadership perspective and significantly advance your value as a future leader.

Becoming a successful leader requires a deep understanding of yourself, your team, and your organisation. Discover key insights and tools to set yourself up for successful and effective leadership.

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Professional Management Program (PMP)

For middle to senior managers

Enhance your general management skills and take your leadership and strategic thinking capabilities to the next level.

Develops the core, cross-functional skills in leadership, finance, management and strategic thinking essential for today's leaders.
Credit available into the Adelaide MBA (subject to entry requirements).

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Transformative Leadership Program (TLP)

For senior leaders and high performing executives

Join a ground-breaking international collaboration developing complex and adaptive thinking capacities in today’s leaders.

A joint program delivered with the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin. Collaborate with executives in similar leadership roles from the US. Transform your thinking, with new perspectives for addressing increasingly complex issues.

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High impact short courses

Our focused high impact short courses, immerse you in current business and leadership methodologies and provide actionable skills you can implement immediately and over the long term. Our courses offer focused learning outcomes addressing specific management competencies with practical application to your workplace. We offer courses within the areas of leadership, management, strategy, performance improvement and operations, delivered by expert presenters with extensive industry experience. We deliver engaging courses with high value content delivered over two days.


Increase Performance by Leading and Managing People

Understanding the key to effective management, by successfully leading and managing people.

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Management and strategy

Successfully Navigating Change

Lead, drive and implement organisational change by becoming an effective change agent.

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Strategic Project

Apply the learnings from Developing a Compelling Strategy with the help of an expert consultant.

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Developing a Compelling Strategy

Advance your strategic thinking. Adopt a strategic mindset in order to maintain a competitive advantage.

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Systems Thinking in Practice

Learn to examine the connections and interactions of components within a system. Identify the root causes of organisational issues.

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Performance improvement

Appreciative Inquiry

Learn the key to effective organisational change.

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Results Driven Coaching

Better manage behaviours that directly impact your bottom line.

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Emotional Intelligence

Harnessing emotional awareness and regulation is vital to becoming an effective leader.

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Lean Six Sigma - Yellow Belt

Learn the foundations of business improvement. Develop a Lean Six Sigma toolkit to improve business processes.

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Lean Six Sigma - Green Belt

Build on your Yellow Belt learnings and enhance your expertise, gaining advanced knowledge to drive business improvement.

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Lean Six Sigma - Black Belt

Extend and apply business improvement strategies in complex settings. Lead positive change in your organisation.

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Lean for Leaders

Understand the benefits of implementing business process improvements in your organisation.

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Contract Management Essentials

Understanding the contracting process and implications for business and industry

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Financial Essentials for Non-Financial Managers

Gain the capability and confidence to interpret financial information and analysis of financial performance.

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Negotiation for Success

Effective negotiation capabilities are valuable for every professional. Learn the rules of the game.

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Unlocking the power of marketing

Understand the links between customer mindset metrics, behaviour, and profitability.

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Project Management

Learn the tools to effectively and reliably meet, exceed and enhance your project objectives.

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Industry specific courses

Governing the Family Enterprise Masterclass

1 day masterclass on implementing effective governance.

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Family Business Australia - Advisor Accreditation

Comprehensive and accelerated accreditation as a family business advisor.

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Family Business Australia – Specialist Advisor Accreditation

Become a trusted and accredited specialist advisor to families in businesses.

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The Business of Fine Wine

Immersive Wine Business program delivered in two of the world’s top wine regions

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