To succeed in today's highly competitive, global market, organisations depend on their ability to understand the needs of consumers, identify profitable market segments to pursue, communicate effectively with their audiences, and develop products, services, or programs that aim to give the organisation a sustainable competitive advantage. 

A dynamic role, marketing can be very rewarding for those who enjoy the challenges of sales, problem-solving, and understanding buyer behaviour.

Catarina Aleluia
Having undertaken two internships, I really value the important of the internship. BankSA's internship program allowed me to learn about the banking industry. The Faculty of Professions Internships Team internship focused on my future career path giving me some experience in the field of marketing. I am grateful for the connections I was able to form and very thankful for the omngoing support I have received from both.Catarina Aleluia - Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing and Management). Interned at BankSA and The University of Adelaide



Advertising officer, market research analyst, marketing manager, marketing planner, brand manager, communications officer, product manager, digital strategies, digital content creator, social media influencer, social media manager, sales manager

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