In a dynamic and global market, it is becoming more relevant than ever to understand the fundamentals of human behaviour, and the complexities of societal issues and policies. 

An Economics graduate is armed with the knowledge and perspective that is required to help shape the future, and in some ways, change the world.  

A unique discipline, Economics allows you to understand how the world works as an intricate system and develops integral skills such as complex numeracy and problem solving, computing, time management and strong analytical skills.

Bianca Peters
The Masters of Applied Economics has made me competitive in the global job market. It was taught with real-world applications and has enabled me to apply learnings to my current job which has an emphasis on international collaborations.Bianca Peters, Survey Manager - Master in Applied Economics


Careers following an Economics degree are varied and can depend on your interests; allowing flexibility after graduation.

Actuarial analyst, chartered accountant, data analyst, economist, investment analyst, import trade, policy advisor, marketing consultant, foreign affairs, humanitarian/aid worker, project officer or business reporter

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