Accounting and Finance

Accounting is the process of organising, synthesising, presenting and using the information generated from financial  transactions to successfully manage a business and inform external stakeholders. Finance is about determining investment decisions and using financial instruments and capital markets to enhance returns and manage risk. Together, they form the language of business. 

Requiring a unique combination of communication and analytical skills, accounting and finance roles deal with varied business environments and are often tasked with problem-solving. There are many areas of specialisation available, and they are the gateway to a diverse and enriching career in business.

Lev Luo
The University’s reputation was a deciding factor to study a Master of Accounting and Finance. Its’ internships and career mentoring programs have been instrumental in setting me up to enter the Australian workforce.Lev Luo, Auditor - Master of Accounting and Finance


Corporate, Financial or Management Accountant, Financial Controller, Forensic Accountant, Fund Accountant, Chief Financial Officer, Partner or Senior Manager working in areas of Taxation, Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions, Business Services, Insolvency, Audit and Assurance, Financial Services Officer, Fund and Portfolio Manager, Financial Analyst, Manager / Business Management, Market Researcher, Account Manager, Ministerial Adviser, Business Analyst, Business Consultant, Commodities or Futures Trader, Public Servant, Finance Manager, Financial Adviser, Foreign Affairs, Government or Corporate Policy Adviser, Taxation Officer, International Trade or Business Analyst, Stockbroker

Our programs

The Adelaide Business School offers a range of quality programs that are designed to go beyond the functional teaching of other business degrees. Each program allows for at least one specially curated minor to broaden your depth of knowledge and complement your area of specialisation.

You may choose to undertake at least one minor to broaden your depth of knowledge and complement your degree of choice from the following specially curated list:

  • Business Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • Creativity & Critical Thinking
  • Media Studies
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • International Business
  • Management Consulting
  • Marketing
  • Marketing in South Australia
  • Organisational Cybersecurity
  • Project Management
  • Public Administration
  • Small and Family Business Management

*It is advisable to seek guidance from a program advisor when selecting minors as each course differs in structure

Our Postgraduate courses provide flexible study options for those wishing to gain expert knowledge in a particular field.

We structure our programs to allow for the demands of work, family, and other commitments through online, intensive, summer school, after hours, part-time and full-time study options. Adelaide Business School courses are also delivered by world-class teaching staff and industry experts, providing you with a rich learning experience.


We have a number of scholarships available to both domestic and international undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students who meet our entry requirements.

Your experience

Your Adelaide Business School experience stretches far beyond the classroom, through our range of industry connections, global opportunities, student clubs and facilities.

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