1. The University of Adelaide is established

  2. An Advanced Commercial Certificate is introduced (the first business-related course in Australia)

  3. A Diploma of Commerce is introduced

  4. A business major is introduced in the Bachelor of Economics

  5. Our first Professor of Commerce is appointed & a Department of Commerce created

  6. The Master of Business Management is introduced (the first MBA-style degree in Australia)

  7. The Master of Business Management is renamed the Master of Business Administration

  8. PhDs in Business are offered

  9. The Adelaide Graduate School of Business (AGSB) is formed

  10. Our first Professor of Management is appointed

  11. A Bachelor of Commerce is introduced & a School of Commerce formed

  12. The MBA is offered at our Singapore campus

  13. The Master of Applied Finance is offered at our Singapore campus

  14. A Masters of Commerce is introduced

  15. The School of Commerce & AGSB merge to form the Business School

  16. The Schools of Accounting & Finance, and Marketing & Management merge to form the current Business School