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Business and Community

The Business School holds a firm belief that having the opportunity engage with current business leaders and industry experts on a one-on-one basis is critical to your education. This program is an outstanding opportunity for participants to partner with and gain from the experience of leading South Australian business executives who make themselves available as mentors.

In this self-directed mentoring program, industry and government leaders have agreed to volunteer their time to mentor MBA students. In the first instance, the Director of Employability and Career Services will ensure that mentors and mentees are paired together based on certain criteria such as experience, skill sets, goals, and a variety of other factors.

Benefits of the Adelaide MBA Mentoring Program
  • Gaining from the mentor’s expertise
  • Receiving critical feedback in key areas, such as communications, interpersonal relationships and leadership skills
  • Developing a sharper focus on what is needed to grow professionally
  • Learning specific skills and knowledge that are relevant to personal goals
  • Finding a confidential, objective sounding board with which to share challenges as well as successes

Adelaide MBA students receive information about mentoring opportunities throughout the year.

Many businesses have a 'wish list' of projects they would love to delve into if they had that extra day in the week, current expertise or a budget to hire more staff. Adelaide MBA students are in a prime position to provide a mutually beneficial solution while gaining an opportunity to apply their new-found business expertise to practical, real-world problems.

Armed with cutting-edge business knowledge, and nearing the completion of their MBA, a student or team of students is able to tackle a real challenge for government, business or not-for-profit. The team gather information, analyse the data, develop and evaluate solutions, then formulate conclusions and recommendations for the organisation.

Request a Business Consultant or Consulting Team

If you represent an organisation that would like to participate in the MBA Business Consulting program, please complete the form below and we will contact you within 3-5 business days.

MBA Business Consulting Form
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Social Enterprise Project is the final topic for the Adelaide MBA program. Students draw upon the skills and knowledge that they have developed throughout their studies and put them toward assisting an organisation to solve a business problem in the context of the greater community. Ideally, projects are intended to use business mechanisms to help solve a community need.

Previous projects have included assisting cultural organisations optimise revenue raising to become less reliant upon government funding, investigating the viability of new products for non-profits looking to fundraise, and providing consultancy services to community groups seeking succession planning to maintain their groups into the future. Students looking to create their own social enterprise are also able to use this project to propose and establish an organisation.

Projects can be undertaken in either a solo capacity or in small groups (2-3 members) and each group has the support of an academic supervisor as they progress through their project.

We recognise the importance of lifelong learning beyond the Adelaide MBA and as such offer students access to the University of Adelaide's Leadership Lab. Located in the heart of Adelaide's CBD, this brand new lab provides a unique space for inspiring, connecting and developing the leaders of the future.

It offers the amenities of a stimulating library, meeting room, hotel lobby and flight lounge, and it pairs this with unique activities and experiences informed by the latest leadership research.



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